Contains Moderate Peril

Independent commentary about gaming, movies and popular culture

Messrs Burton and Scrooge have a reputation as purveyors of the finest quality podcasts throughout the civilised world.

Established in 2010, Burton and Scrooge have consistently provided incisive social commentary about popular culture, combined with waggish badinage and raw sex appeal.

If you value erudite debate, puckish epigrams and the aroma of bacon then Burton and Scrooge will satisfy your appetite without any legal or medical complications.

Burton & Scrooge #32

The Average LOTRO Player. The Secret World to become Secret World Legends. Star Trek Continues.

Scrooge Uncut 7: Mechanical Turk Part 3

Mechanical Turk Tools and Final Thoughts. Twitter: @xyderias

Scrooge Uncut 6: Mechanical Turk Part 2

Mechanical Turk Part 2. Twitter: @xyderias

Scrooge Uncut 5: Amazon's Mechanical Turk

Fanmail. Amazon's Mechanical Turk. Twitter: @Xyderias.

Burton & Scrooge #31

Brian and Roger discuss the ongoing LOTRO Renaissance, the PewDiePie controversy and season 4 of Sherlock.

Scrooge Uncut 4: Birthday Special - A Mordor or Bust Retrospective

Mordor or Bust Memories. Thank you so much to everyone who went along for the ride! Twitter: @xyderias. LOTRO F2P Prediction

Scrooge Uncut 3: Updates! Jimmy Joy, Soylent and ASMR

Updates! Jimmy Joy, Soylent and ASMR. Twitter: @xyderias

The TGEN Tribunal #6

TV, Streaming & VOD. Starting a new MMO vs returning to an old one. The Warcraft movie, fans & box office returns.

Scrooge Uncut 2: There and Back Again

Joylent gets a new name. LOTRO gets a returning player. Twitter: @xyderias

Scrooge Uncut 1.5: Updates! Also, Pronunciation is Hard

Housekeeping. Why Episode 1.5? Episode 1 Critique. Game Updates. Soylent Update. Twitter: @xyderias

Scrooge Uncut: A New Hope

Return to Twitter: @xyderias. Why Scrooge Uncut? Mechanical Keyboards. SkyrimSE. New Game Purchases. Selling Steam Trading Cards. Learning to Draw?!? WoW Updates. Soylent Update. ASMR Update.

Burton & Scrooge Uncut #7

Brian and Roger focus on the MMORPG genre. Topics include MMOs and Scott Hartsman, LOTRO Update 19: March of the King, STO Feature episode: Echoes of Light, WoW: Legion, SWTOR: Galactic Command System and Amazon Game Studios.

Burton & Scrooge Uncut #6

Brian and Roger discuss the fall TV schedules and various summer blockbusters, as well as the state of MMO genre. They also reflect upon the recently announced Heroes of Tube and the inevitable commercialisation of streaming media.

Burton & Scrooge Uncut #5

Brian and Roger discuss Pokémon GO, Arizona Comic-Con, Star Trek Online's new expansion Agents of Yesterday and the movie Star Trek Beyond.

Burton & Scrooge Uncut #4

Brian and Roger talk to Syl and Sean about E3, Overwatch, Star Trek fan movies and The Witcher 3.

Burton & Scrooge Uncut #3

Brian and Roger talk to Liore about writing a book, social media and K-pop.

Burton & Scrooge Uncut #2

Brian and Roger talk to internet citizens Kris and Fredelas about Ducklings, gaming, life and everything.

Burton & Scrooge Uncut #1

Roger Edwards talks to fellow podcasters Void and Beej about content creation, gaming, life and everything.