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Independent commentary about gaming, movies and popular culture

Messrs Burton and Scrooge have a reputation as purveyors of the finest quality podcasts throughout the civilised world.

Established in 2010, Burton and Scrooge have consistently provided incisive social commentary about popular culture, combined with waggish badinage and raw sex appeal.

If you value erudite debate, puckish epigrams and the aroma of bacon then Burton and Scrooge will satisfy your appetite without any legal or medical complications.

Burton & Scrooge #32

The Average LOTRO Player. The Secret World to become Secret World Legends. Star Trek Continues.

Scrooge Uncut 7: Mechanical Turk Part 3

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Scrooge Uncut 6: Mechanical Turk Part 2

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Scrooge Uncut 5: Amazon's Mechanical Turk

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