Contains Moderate Peril

Independent commentary about gaming, movies and popular culture

Q. What exactly is Contains Moderate Peril?

A. Contains Moderate Peril is a website about movies, gaming and other aspects of popular culture written by Roger Edwards and associated guest writers. The overall remit of the site is flexible so wider subjects are sometimes covered. Contains Moderate Peril also produces a podcast in a similar idiom.

Q. What’s the name all about?

A. In the UK the BBFC is responsible for rating film and video content (similar to the MPAA in the US). This involves creating a summary of content. For example, this was the guidance given for King Kong (2005) “Contains frightening elements, moderate violence and frequent peril”. This and similar descriptions inspired the website title. We think that the name humorously summarizes our style.

Q. Is the site content suitable for all?

A. We do not go out of our way to offend; however we do not feel the need to be pussyfoot around certain issues. We express ourselves in an adult fashion, so if sarcasm and gallows humour bother you, then Contains Moderate Peril may not be for you. We are not here to peddle any particular political or religious views either. Contains Moderate Peril does not stray into such areas, unless it is directly relevant to the topic being discussed. We do not use an excess of profanity when expressing ourselves but it may come up from time to time.

Q. Can readers comment on blog content?

A. Comments are welcomed but that's not an invitation to troll. This is not a forum so we moderate material as we see fit. We don’t delete comments that often, as we firmly believe in the principle of free speech and the fact that most trolls often make themselves look stupid. However if we deem it appropriate, comments will be removed. Such decisions are not subject to debate.

Q. So no pretentious mission statement, then?

A. No. We simply write and podcast about the things we enjoy and find interesting. We try to maintain a measured and intelligent level of debate, while having fun. We hope readers and listeners enjoy the content.

Q. Do you need contributors?

A. If you would like to write for Contains Moderate Peril or produce material for the associate podcast then get in touch. Do consider the following first. Become familiar with style and tone of the site. Then focus on what you can add to the current content. We’re pretty open minded and will give most suggestions consideration. However submitting a contribution does not necessarily guarantee its publication.

Q. Any legal disclaimers and small print to add?

A. Yes, it’s mandatory these days. Here’s a brief summary.

Contributor Policy:

Contains Moderate Peril reserves the right to refuse new contributions or remove an existing material if any content is deemed to contain material in breach of the law.

Privacy Notice:

All email addresses, names, or contact information collated via Contains Moderate Peril will not be shared with any third party , unless required by law.

Linking Policy:

Contains Moderate Peril contain links to other sites. We do not control or guarantee the accuracy, relevance or completeness of information found on these sites. Links are not intended as endorsements of any views expressed on third party sites, nor do we necessarily recommend the products and services therein.


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