Update 10 Currency Reset

Current seal to medallion exchange rate

Massively’s preview of Update 10 ends with an interesting paragraph. It would appear there is to be a currency reset as part of that new content. Existing seals earned by LOTRO players will be automatically converted to medallions. The exchange rate is to be set at  20 medallions per seal. At present if you use the in-game currency exchange service at skirmish camps, you get 2 medallions per seal. So it would appear that Turbine are endeavouring to be generous to make the transition more palatable. Here is a direct quote from the article by Justin Olivetti which “explains” Turbine’s reason for this virtual adjustment.

The devs informed me that once Update 10 hits, there will be a currency reset on seals to help fight inflation. All previous seals will be converted to medallions (20 medallions per seal) and seals will remain available through the normal avenues. It was either this, the devs explained, or insane prices on the new gear.

This is not the first time that there’s been such adjustments. I believe that Update 5 saw the removal of superior 4th marks. Yet this matter still raises some questions to be considered. Are there potential alternatives that could be introduced that would allow players keep their existing seals? Why didn’t Turbine see this problem coming in advance? Why do we learn about such a change from a commercial website article and not an official press release of dev diary?

SealsWell theoretically there are alternatives other than the binary outcome Turbine alluded to. Deed gating raid rewards, down rating the cost of non-level cap raid gear or even introducing a separate barter token for new items. As ever the player base seems to have wealth of suggestions. Perhaps the forth coming player’s council should be involved in matters such as this?

The thing is, whenever there’s a single currency or token used for the purchase of top tier gear, then a percentage of players will hoard it. Therefore this is effectively a recurring problem. Perhaps a long term and more definitive solution needs to be implemented.

In the meantime, as and when Update 10 gets released, players will find themselves immediately bereft of seals, along with the relative inconveniences that that entails. You’ll have to buy your scrolls of empowerment and high level fused relics at a later date when you have rebuilt your supply. Now some players have stated that this will simply act as an incentive to get back into raiding (which is Turbine’s primary motive). For those who play a more solo orientated game, the acquisition of new seals may not be so quick and therefore eagerly greeted. Overall this is not a game breaking matter. However, as usual, it could have been handled better.

4 thoughts on “Update 10 Currency Reset

  1. Adam says:

    They talked loosely about seals being specific mainly raid armour currency and versioning/seasonaly rewards at the time, I assumed it was pretty obvious this was going to happen, indeed I warned my kin to spend them pre ROR, only to look a plank, so in a way I’m kinda relieved now!

    Its the best way to do it, if you want the new armour sets to be earned by playing the new content: reward this currency primarily through large group/raid content (especially new raids/instance), and make it usefully for buying raid armour and things most pertinent to large group conent. Version it with the release of each new cluster, that way there is no need to add currency types or anything then: nice and elegant.

    People will scream ‘they took my seals’, but what would the difference between versioning seals into something you can, and still need, and making you start earning them again, and creating a new ‘shiny badge of raidyness’ be, and not letting your seals be usefull for anything. I’m sure they would prefer to hoard seals, buy their new sets on day one, then complain there is nothing to work towards and they need new content after a couple of runs through.

  2. Moedecai says:

    When alterations are made such as this, there is often a “perception” that people have lost something or, worse still, had it taken from them. Whether that has happened is ultimately irrelevant. If the customer feels aggrieved then there is a potential problem.
    There are alternatives to Turbine’s solution but I do not think there is the will or more importantly the resources to address it.
    If you look at some of the video footage from Bullroarer, of the new instances, they have been made very much on the cheap. There is a great deal of recycled buildings and environments. They also use music from Rohan, which is terribly out of place with areas such as Dale.
    Again, the issue of resources raises it’s ugly head. It will be the death of LOTRO.

  3. Brian says:

    Just checked and I have zero seals. Ironically, that number exactly matches how much I care about this reset.

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