Turbine to Start Player’s Council

Producers Letter

Today’s producers letter from Kate Piaz contained some very interesting nuggets of informations. The first being the announcement that Turbine intend to create a Player’s Council as a means for improved feedback and the exchanging  ideas. At present there are no details of how the council will work or more importantly, who’s on it. The latter is my biggest concern. I expect this body to be representative of all players and include people from all countries and not  just be a US-centric undertaking. It is also important to ensure that there is a diverse group of opinions present, so I hope that Turbine has the courage to include some of their critics. It is in no ones interest for this to be simply a vehicle for fanboys and sycophants.

As far as new areas, we will be going to Wildermore first, located between the Wold and Fangorn in spring. Then we get to see Western Rohan, Edoras, and the Hornburg later in the year. No details are available at present so whether this is a paid expansion or not, remains to be seen. Let the speculation begin. I wonder if this new region will coincide with the major stats change that are scheduled.  A new area such as West Rohan with epic events such as the battle of Helm’s Deep could potentially offer a perfect opportunity for new gear drops (with the revised stats). Wildermore sounds interesting and I believe Adam over at The Khazad Guard’s blog predicted this. Check out the video below by someone who went “off map” recently on Bullroarer.

Finally there was news that housing is finally going to get some attention from the development team and that it will be one of the first matters to utilise the Player’s Council. Housing is a big selling point among players, who argue that it is a facet of the game that has never been fully utilised. Perhaps this may now change. The more cynical have theorised that perhaps Turbine have finally figured out how to fully monetise this part of LOTRO. Only time will tell. In the meantime here’s the producers letter in full. Make of it what you will.

Producer's Letter January 2013


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