SWTOR – Earning Credits (Déjà vu)


There are usually specific methods for remaining solvent in any MMO and ensuring that you have sufficient in-game currency. In fact this often provides a entire mini-game in itself. It is not an aspect of gaming that I usually struggle with and I currently enjoy more than adequate funds in Star Trek Online, LOTRO and Guild Wars 2. However this is not the case with Star Wars: The Old Republic. As I mentioned on the last podcast, I never seem to have sufficient credits to cover my required expenditure. So far discussions on this matter have suggested that my strategy may be the issue and it appears that it may well be the case.

First off, I decided on my new character to choose purely gathering skills. I do not craft in any game unless it is imperative. So I chose slicing, scavenging and bioanalysis. Now levelling these skills is not too hard but at lower levels the rewards are not outstanding. Lockboxes offer relatively low credit  rewards but it is a steady stream of income. Also the resources gathered can sell quite quickly on the galactic market. Again the funds raised are not staggering and this is especially the case at lower levels. It would appear that the financial rewards come when all these skills reach max level. It is at this point that blue and purple quality items can be obtained and they are far more marketable.


So what is the problem I hear you ask? As long as  I have sufficient funds to repair my equipment and purchase new class skills then I should be fine. Well the issue is my expenditure. Out of habit, when playing an MMO I like to maintain a high standard of gear whilst levelling. Simply put, I like to be as robust and over powered as possible because it makes matters easier. So I spend credits every 10 levels replacing my gear and that of my companion of choice. Now people have already suggested that I need not do this and there in lies the problem. Not availing myself of the high end gear for my class whilst levelling just seems to mitigate the point of such items being available. It also reinforces the feeling of being funnelled to via a particular type of game-play towards endgame.

However, my spending habits can be sustained if I use my other character as a resource farmer. My level 50 Smuggler can slice, scavenge and then simply send the resources or credits on. This does then add a level of additional grind to the game. Luckily, I am happy to run the space combat missions as I find them a great way to relax. I managed to raise 15, 000 credits this way last night. The alternative is to gather resources from intermediate planets and then sell them on the galactic market. Unfortunately for a game that has many contemporary attributes, the galactic market is distinctly old school. It is esoteric, time consuming to use and is also “temperamental”.

Cartel Market

BioWare’s Cartel Coin system does offer an additional option to raise capital. You can use your allowance if you are a subscriber to buy a store item that you can then sell via the galactic market. It does require some research so you do not invest in a item that offers a poor return. Also items from one off or seasonal events can be stockpiled and sold at a later date. Cosmetics are especially popular. It is tried and test method used in many other MMO’s

Unfortunately, that is the problem as I see it (other may not even see it as a problem). Here’s a quote taken from the SWTOR forums on the very issue of earning credits. “If you have experience with MMOs then you know the drill for a fresh toon. Don’t spend except on ability training and the speeder skill. Gather and slice everything, then sell on GTN. Get your toon to 50 ASAP and save your few million credits.” The prevailing methodology lacks any real flexibility. You can do as I do and spend credits on the items you like but it will require additional work to raise the funding.  So again I return to the sense of being channelled towards a specific style of game-play and strategy. That is either a game flaw or a conscious decision by the developers. Limited choice can lead to wider problems. As a returning player to SWTOR, I have noticed that the gold sellers are still present.

8 thoughts on “SWTOR – Earning Credits (Déjà vu)

  1. LuckyLuigi says:

    …or you can just play for fun and spend your money on whatever seems fun. The gear you find is generally better than whatever you can buy at your level and any gaps can be filled up using planetary commendations.

    If you want to have an easy time just buy the legacy exp bonus for class quest and exploration. This will keep your level comfortably ahead of the difficulty curve.

    Money is much better spent on Companion Dance and party holograms ! 😛

  2. Brian says:

    Is this your way of asking for a loan? 😛

  3. phyltr says:

    ” If you wish to sell to the widest player base then you need to visit a neutral market kiosk.”

    What? All GTN kiosks are neutral as of 1.3:

    “The Hutt Cartel has seized control of the Galactic Trade Network! All Galactic Trade Network kiosks now connect to the neutral GTN, allowing players to purchase items listed by players of the opposite faction.”


    If you weren’t aware of that, how can anything you say about the GTN really be considered knowledgable?

  4. Roger Edwards says:

    I have recently returned to the game after a long absence, so was not aware of the changes to the GTN. I will annotate the article for practical reasons. As for “knowledgable”, I make no such claims. I am simply making personal observation baseds upon my own experiences.
    I will however, leave your ill mannered comments as an example of the crass behaviour that get’s gamers a bad name. Well done you. The tone and manner in which you express yourself speaks volumes. I’m sure the SWTOR community is very “proud” that you represent them.

  5. Phyltr says:

    You posted an article, that in and of itself innately implies some knowledge of the content you’re attempting to cover. I didn’t realize that pointing out your inaccuracies, and by extension questioning the value of your article, was “ill mannered”. If you are that uncomfortable with being fact checked you should really reconsider posting things on the Internet and Reddit.

    Everything I posted was said without emotion and simply matter-of-fact. I was unaware that I needed to sugarcoat it for you.

  6. Roger Edwards says:

    “Everything I posted was said without emotion”. Pull the other one.
    Oh and being civil is not “sugar coating” things. It’s a basic under pinning of social intercourse.

  7. Tim Dixon says:

    Some people simply don’t know how to act socially or enjoy being argumentative. Standard keyboard warrior stuff. Best ignored.
    With regard to credits, SWTOR does require a degree of effort to earn at lower levels, compared to a game such as Guild wars 2. Like many other old school MMOs gaining wealth in SWTOR get’s easier at level cap.
    Plus the game is very much weighted towards creating and levelling multiple alts, so it’s common practise to create one for farming.
    Unfortunately this is one occasion where your solo-centric play style will put you at a disadvantage Roger.
    But don’t be discouraged by this as there is still much to enjoy in-game.

  8. Personally, I got from 1-50 on my first character (a Vanguard Trooper) without ever paying credits for a piece of gear. Between quest rewards, planetary commendation vendors, bioanalysis/biochem for all of my consumable needs (with slicing for looting credits off the ground – I started after most of the slicing nerfs), and a pocket healer companion, I did not find that I wanted for anything. In fact, I completed my entire class story at -2 levels compared to the listed level, skipping whole planets as needed when I was “ready” at -2 for the next planet.

    Because I – and you if I understood your comments on the podcast correctly – was able to complete the content without upgraded gear, I don’t see my failure to purchase better gear as a failure to min-max. Rather, I see it as a largely cosmetic purchase. I would not complain about lacking the credits to buy cosmetic outfits or pets and blame the game for pigeon-holing me into a playstyle, and I don’t see why a functionally insignificant bump on the damage meters is any different.

    That said, if you are out to make money and do not have (or want to use) a 50 alt for this purpose, the other tidbit I’ve found is that mission skills (primarily underworld trading) are paradoxically more profitable than normal gathering. The credit costs for these missions were set based on the launch game’s valuation of credits, while the prices people are willing to pay for the resulting materials are more in line with a mature economy with all the attendant inflation.

    One final tidbit – the experience I described for my first character is potentially very different under SWTOR’s F2P model. I’ve been leveling an alt as a non-subscriber, and I’m finding that the combination of higher prices on the commendation vendor and significantly diminished exp gains (even if you farm credits on your 50 alts to buy exp potions on the GTN) are quite noticeable as early as the mid-teens.

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