Riders of Rohan Map (Updated)

Spoiler alert: This article contains pictures relating to the Riders of Rohan expansion.

I would appear that a provisional map for the new Riders of Rohan expansion was leaked a few weeks ago via Twitter, just prior to E3. Once data like this is available on the internet, it never really goes way. The same image resurfaced again recently and was subsequently discussed on the LOTRO forums. As you would expect, Turbine closed the thread. You may recall that similar material of this nature surfaced last year at Gamescom, regarding the previous expansion Rise of Isengard. It featured maps that were unfinished and still subject to alteration. However, the majority of what was shown then made it in to the final release build relatively unaltered. Perhaps this should be considered when viewing this new map.

Now you do not have to be Hercule Poirot to figure out where this map came from. Therefore there’s a good chance that more data of this nature will surface between now and the September launch date. At present the map does raise a lot of interesting points as it is copiously annotated with references to the source text. That in itself will excite most fans of the game. It is also curious to note that there is a sizeable section to the North West that is not included. Namely from Limlight Gorge down to the Entwash vale. Is this work in progress or a region held in reserve for a future update, such as Shores of the Anduin?

I have tried to reconcile this map with existing data and as a result assumed that a player will enter the new region via the road that is on the opposite side of the broken bridge south of Ost Celebrant. It is also interesting to note that when SotA was released you could swim across the river and get to the other side.  Once over you could proceed across the road until you hit an invisible wall. However, this has now been altered since the last update. The river banks have been raise so a player cannot cross any more. A curious change to implement.

Also I have tried to make a comparison to see if I can determine if the Riders of Rohan landmass is as large as Turbine claim that it is. So far I would tentatively say yes based on an image comparison between the new region and the last update Shores of the Anduin. However, one has to acknowledge that there is a lot of information that is not currently available and whatever there is is subject to change between now and September. Cross referencing the new land mass to any area is a difficult thing to do as in-game maps are often on many levels and a simple two dimensional comparison in not sufficient a test.

Now whenever it comes to spoilers or leaked material, there are always mixed opinions on both sides of the debate. From my point of view all I have done is collate information that is already out there in the public domain. However, as I implied earlier, the information is not that hard to come by and I wonder if this is ultimately some sort of “Guerilla advertising”? It has been said many times that “any publicity is good publicity”. As far as I am concerned, anything that gets people talking about LOTRO is a good thing. It can lead to new players, which means increased revenue for Turbine which is surely a good thing for the games longevity.

Update (28.07.12)

I was trawling through the internet this morning and found a couple of interesting images. The first is obviously a fake as it turned up on the Official LOTRO Forums back in 2010. It never ceases to amaze me the efforts people will go to, just to do a bit of forum trolling.

The next one looks more genuine and certainly seems to correlate with the provisional map shown above. It also has the right look and feel of the other in-game LOTRO maps, especially if you compare it to the Great River area. Whether this is the real deal remains to be seen.

6 thoughts on “Riders of Rohan Map (Updated)

  1. Fredelas says:

    The map you posted is similar to the one I based my Rohan-vs-Moria comparison on. (The version I saw on Twitter was smaller and didn’t feature the in-game map background.)

    Since your version has the background, I assume you have extracted this image from the patch data recently deployed to the Bullroarer test server. It may have been included in its current form to allow the map artist to draw the less detailed world map version over it.

    While Bullroarer may be a “public” test server, extracting data from the game’s files is prohibited in the EULA (section 1.d). I’m not saying this as a threat, but you should know that other players have had their licenses terminated and accounts suspended for publishing pre-release information. Even my post simply illustrating the size of Rohan (an expansion feature which Turbine has publicly discussed) was swiftly deleted with a stern warning.

  2. Roger Edwards says:


    Thank you for your comment.

    However, never assume anything.

    I have not extracted any data. All I’ve done simply reposted information that is already available on the internet.

    I refer you and anyone one else for that matter, to the following URLS, neither of which is in anyway to do with me:



    Furthermore I am not endorsing data mining or advocating that people should. Nor do I know the individuals who posted the images originally.

    I am simply referencing them, as one would any material that is publicly available.

  3. Fredelas says:

    In any case, I’d like to kindly ask that you not republish my Rohan-vs-Moria image, which is my own creative work. (Although you’re certainly free to comment on it.) It’s a derivative work created from materials to which Turbine owns the copyright. Turbine has made it clear that my license to these materials does not allow me to publish derivative works. (In fact, it’s pending deletion by ImageShack.)

    I don’t want to get in any more trouble for my creative efforts.

  4. Roger Edwards says:

    I understand your position and have therefore removed the image you created.

    I also feel that the best comparison that can be done to ascertain the size of the new area is to marry it up with the previous area.

    Again there are images in the public domain that do this.

  5. Goreamir says:

    That Great River/Rohan comparison is the oen I made yesterday and posted. It looks like Turbine closed the thread again. But feel free to keep this one online.

  6. Goreamir says:

    On second, thought, after reading the top post about people gettign in trouble with Turbine, it might be best to remove that link to the image on my website in the post above.

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