Riders of Rohan Delay Compensation Package Is Delayed

As discussed in a previous post, the delay to the launch of Riders of Rohan was far from a good thing, but inevitable considering the state of the expansion during its initial beta testing. Turbines decision to offer those who pre-purchased some sort of compensation was also wise . However what was actually offered turned out to be somewhat valueless. Both the announcements were greeted with a degree of indifference from the  player base. Due to the time of year and the launch of several new titles in recent weeks the LOTRO community doesn’t seem particularly engaged at present. I wonder if mounted combat really is going to be the “big attraction” that Turbine hope for, although that really is a separate article.

With regard to the compensation package, it would appear that Turbine have experienced delays in crediting the points and items to player accounts, as the above tweet from Thursday shows. As of this morning I have still not received anything. However, it should be noted that the above statement made by Kate Piaz stipulated “around September 5th”. These open ended deadlines seem to be a standard operational procedure these days with Turbine. Fortunately an update was posted yesterday evening, stating that the outstanding compensation package would be sent within the next two to three days. Let us hope that this revised deadline can be met.

Once again I find this delay in the administration of what seems like a somewhat basic procedure, very interesting. The delay itself is not really worth getting too upset over, as the compensation package offers nothing essential and it’s absence does not tangibly hinder players. The fact that Turbine seem to regularly struggle with sticking to timetables and undertaking standard business tasks is definitely food for thought. Again  I return to my theory about available man power. Yes Turbine is recruiting and has expanded its team recently, but there is no guarantee that the additional human resources are specifically working on LOTRO. I would also draw your attention to the prevailing attitudes of both the customers and vendor. It seem like both parties have resigned themselves to delays, disruptions and an inferior service. In a cut throat MMO market is that a good thing?


I received the following email from Turbine at 20:56 tonight. As you can see one part of the compensation package is has been allocated, but there are still delays to the “goodie bag”. Let’s see if the remainder does arrive in nine days time.

4 thoughts on “Riders of Rohan Delay Compensation Package Is Delayed

  1. Indy says:

    I don’t consider the compensation offered valueless at all. I’m not very interested in the goodie back of consumables – I’ll probably put them on the AH as I’ve done for similar lottery winnings – the points I am quite happy with, however. Considering how much of an uproar there was about Turbine not including points in the initial expansion offering, I think that most pre-purchasers agree with me that the extra 500 points we’ll be getting is a great bonus, and not many agree with you that the compensation is rubbish. *That’s* why there isn’t a hue and cry about the delay.

  2. Finwë Noldóran says:

    I guess it all depends on who you talk to. My kin are NOT impressed by 500 Turbine points at all. They have no intrinsic value other than the price Turbine’s accountants assign them.

    I don’t want points to spend on store items, as there’s precious little there that I require. The only practical items are for game mechanics that use to be free. So giving me something that I use to have already, as a sweetener is rather insulting.

    If Turbine gave items that were beneficial, such as tokens that could be handed in for top tier jewellery and armour I would be impressed. It would be a suitable reward, that was of major benefit and a fitting apology. We have after all paid money for something we have not yet received. Do not lose sight of this. This is a business transaction and there are rules.

    The reason there isn’t a hue and cry is because those who care and are the most vocal in their legitimate dissent, are either gone for good or taking a break.

    I would be very careful before leaping to the rather vain conclusion that you and your conspicuously unquantifiable colleagues with a similar outlook, some how have the majority opinion. CMP can only speak for themselves and those they associate with, but the same goes for those with an opposite opinion. However, in the month to come the number associate with ROR will prove who’s right.

    The fan boy mentality I see associated with LOTRO is somewhat ironic. Turbine do not excel at customer service and frankly treat the paying customer inadequately. Yet so many roll over and thank them. The lack of self awareness and dignity is sad.

  3. Douglas says:

    Ha! Kate Piaz to the rescue once again!! I dont wanna see anyone loose thier job, but she needs to go.. make her a janitor and hire someone else..

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