Peter Jackson Confirms Longer Version of The Hobbit


So it would seem that an extended edition of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey is back on the cards, after the rumours were initially quashed two months ago. You may remember earlier this year Warner Bros. published and infographic of scheduled releases for 2013, which is their 90th anniversary. It included a reference to an extended edition of THAUJ but the press department promptly withdrew the image and back pedalled with regard to its existence. Well Mr. Jackson has confirmed himself (via Ain’t It Cool) there will be an extended edition after all, so it would appear that the entire marketing strategy that we saw with The Lord of the Rings, trilogy is to be repeated.

Peter Jackson confirmed that the extended edition will include an additional 20 to 25 minutes of material, making the total running time for THAUJ approximately 189 – 194 minutes. Ironically, one of the common criticism that has emerged from those who have already seen THAUJ is that is is somewhat ponderous already. There were similar opinions regarding the theatrical release of King Kong in 2005. The inclusion of a further 14 minutes of material for the extended edition did not significantly alter the critical consensus on the movie.  However, I’m sure the release of a lengthier cut of the THAUJ will be welcomed by fans.

Will there be extra bird shit in Radagast’s hair in the extended edition?

In fact I saw a tweet from from an excited individual who stated that “True Tolkien fans don’t care how long it is”. Such boundless enthusiasm will surely net Warner Bros. a lot of money from this clever double dip. Exactly what a true Tolkien fan is I am not quite sure but such terms are crass. Perhaps it would be more pertinent to replace the phrase “true Tolkien fans”, with “fanboys”? As a lover of both Tolkien’s work and cinema, I am more concerned about a quality narrative, irrespective of the movies running time. However, simply making a film lengthy for the sake of it or to try and endow it with a sense of epic scope, is not necessarily a good thing.

Assuming that Warner Bro’s previously published road map is still being adhered to, then the extended version of THAUJ should materialise in late 2013, shortly before The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug is released

7 thoughts on “Peter Jackson Confirms Longer Version of The Hobbit

  1. Steve Armas says:

    Two movies, maybe..but three? I am more worried about what they’re adding rather than what they’re leaving out (like omitting Tom Bombadill and the Barrow-Wights from LOTR). I think someone in marketing got to him and convinced him that it had to be a “trilogy”. He SHOULD just make a faithful adaptation.

  2. Indy says:

    I bought the theatrical and extended versions of all three LOTR movies, I don’t regret it. I am considering waiting and only buying the extended dvd releases for the Hobbit, though.

  3. The thing that boggles my mind is that it takes only 8-9 hours to read every single word of The Hobbit out loud. Okay, so some stuff that happened outside of Bilbo’s line of sight and therefore received only brief discussion in the book may be included in the film but there’s absolutely no reason why the story can’t be told inside of nine hours.

    That said, if Jackson really maintains that the only way to get the true story is to watch the extended edition, I may just skip the theatrical release altogether and watch the extended DVD’s one disc per night. It’s not like there are going to be spoilers, and cost of tickets being what it is I’d rather just watch the thing in my home anyway.

  4. Auberon381 says:

    “True Tolkien fan” is crass, but “fanboy” is alright?

  5. Roger Edwards says:


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