New Lore-master Pet: War Wolf

War Wolf 1

One of the upsides of Update 11: Treachery of the White Hand, is the revision of the mounted combat trait system by Turbine. As a result the Lore-master class now has an additional pet that can be summoned while mounted and used in combat. The War Wolf  functions similarly to a skirmish soldier and is as equally erratic. However it does has some useful attributes and can be used as a aggro magnet, affording a speedy getaway for the Lore-master that pulls too many mobs. If used wisely (IE by a more competent player than me) it can be quite effective. The War Wolf is unlocked by spending skills points on the yellow talent tree and accessing the “riding companion” ability.

It would appear that the War Wolf’s default stance is guard. It will attack targets that you have already tagged or can be directed manually. If defeated, the pet cannot be summoned while the Lore-master is still in combat. Whether Turbine have plans to alter this to bring it in line with non-mounted pets I do not know. Perhaps a store item will be made available to accommodate this? Another thing to be aware of is the run speed of your mount. If you have a light War-steed and have configured your traits and bridle for extra speed then you may outrun the War Wolf, which will disappear after a while. I have not encountered this issue myself as I favour a medium War-steed and have sacrificed some speed for endurance.

War Wolf 2

Although the War Wolf may be a somewhat blunt tool (as some other Lore-master pets are) it looks and feels right for this particular class. However, as ever with anything to do with Middle-earth, there has been a debate among the purists and lore aficionados as to whether a Wolf is an appropriate choice of pet. There has been talk as to whether Wolves are inherently evil or whether they are simply subject to corruption by the dark powers. Personally, I am happy to let this issue slide as expecting total lore accuracy from LOTRO is somewhat unrealistic. Overall this is a welcome addition and I look forward to the possibility of further pets coming with Helm’s Deep in the fall.

6 thoughts on “New Lore-master Pet: War Wolf

  1. Lothirieth says:

    It’s a decent start I think. To me, it feels right and it’s nice to have a pet riding along, but it’s in desperate need of a bit more control. It’s a bit annoying when it gets in a fight I didn’t want it to me in and it doesn’t automatically attack until the mob gets in melee range. I would like it to have the basic command skills that our ummounted pets have. You’d think it wouldn’t be too hard to implement.. just copy the unmounted ones. I use a light steed and see it get left behind a lot, but I thought that was either because I went down some cliff it wouldn’t go down or got itself in a fight.

  2. Brian says:

    Hunters got traps. More of a snare actually, as the trap never seems to do anything other than to put a weak dot on the mob. When the mob actually runs through the trap that is. Apparently the mobs can see the huge red trap circle on the ground as easily as I can. They avoid the traps like a plague unless I literally drop the trap on top of the mob!

    On a positive note I get to practice my lay-a-trap-in-proper-position-at-full-mounted-speed skills, which should prove useful in many other areas of my life.

    wolf > traps

  3. I read that in beta the War Wolf had an actual pet bar. It was apparently bugged and wasn’t finished before the patch went live. Hope to see it return sometime soon when fixed. Also hope to see tomes for alternate wolf appearances show up soon as well as new MC pets on the HD expansion. I have found the wolf actually comes in pretty handy (though an in combat rez would help) in keeping other mobs off me, especially when doing warbands. I use a medium steed and still lose him fairly often when running between them, but since I watch the compass dots he rarely ends up getting agro from passing mobs.

  4. Brian says:

    I’d pay for a tome that turns my hunter trap into a war wolf. Did I mention that all hunters get is traps? Not bitter at all am I. (Just channeled my inner Yoda!)

  5. You know, I always thought hunters should have had pets. Maybe I played too much WoW, though. Always felt like something was missing when I played my LOTRO hunter.

  6. merijn says:

    Can anyones help me why i dont can a wolf pet ? I cant use the yellow talent

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