LOTRO Update 8.1

LOTRO was patched today and as per usual there were accompanying notes with a break down of the changes. One that caught my attention was alteration to the open tapping mechanic that has only recently been added to the game. It would appear that when in a fellowship, under the old system, all players had to contribute to a kill to receive appropriate credits. This has now been changed and all those in a group will receive full benefits, irrespective of contribution.

Apparently this change was instigated by Turbine to foster “a sense of a larger scale war where people were rewarded for actively working together rather than forming small groups and trying to spread out and kill everything as fast as possible similar to small locust swarms.” A very curious choice of words but I applaud the alteration in the game mechanic. Apparently certain skills were not being “noticed” and therefore weren’t counted as a positive contribution and players were missing out on credits for warbands. So this is a positive move. I wonder what the implications are for power levelling?

The other stand out change for me was resource farming from horse back. I look upon this as a great convenience but not everyone is of the same opinion. Purists have point out how illogical it is, although this can countered with the fact that it is not mandatory to resource farm from the saddle if you do not want to. I like the fact that some of LOTROs less endearing and old school features are slowly being fixed and I look forward to these and others being rolled out beyond Rohan into the rest of Middle-Earth. However, it is still wise to remain sceptical until it is confirmed that all the changes in today’s patch actually work. Remember Turbine claiming that they had fixed the random pausing that afflicted the stable mounts?

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