6 thoughts on “LOTRO Store Sales – Log In for Details?

  1. moda says:

    I like our phrase – store based experiments. It is so very true, and has been one of the main reasons I left Lotro – I had the feeling the whole f2p was a grand experiment, conducted on more or less willing subjects to see how far they could be pushed, manipulated….

  2. I see this as effectively a requirement to view advertising – i.e. the full list of items that Turbine has on offer – just to see whether there are any good sales. Turbine can run their business however they choose to, but this certainly isn’t a customer-friendly approach.

    The other issue with having the most authoritative listing generated by a third party fansite is the very real possibility that they won’t get it right. With all the items that are filtered by class, subscriber status, etc, it’s possible that they will miss items and thereby cost Turbine item purchases. Likewise, it’s possible that they will see a bunch of horses on sale and post to the effect that all horses are discounted, only to leave customers mad at Turbine when it turns out that only some subset of mounts were actually discounted.

  3. And it’s been walked back, continuing the recent proud trend in Turbine PR brinksmanship.

  4. Roger Edwards says:

    I think the term “brinksmanship” is far too generous and not one I would associate with Turbine :)

    Ineptitude on the other hand…

  5. Ineptitude is far too non-generous. Remember how they got players to argue that mannequins should only be in places of commerce, and thus we ended up with a “compromise” in which we went from no mannequins to mannequins in major settlements? The game is much more aggressively monetized than it was a year ago, and they seem to have accepted that the monthly community blowout is just the cost of doing business.

  6. Flatfoot says:

    Yet another phenomenally bad marketing idea.
    The bimbo responsible for this newest eff up should really start looking for a new job.
    Probably the typical corporate dumbo failing “up the ladder”.

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