London Super Comic Convention 2013

LSCCWith no Kapow Comicon scheduled for 2013 due mainly to Mark Millar’s appointment as Creative Consultant to 20th Century Fox for their Marvel adaptations (not to mention his own Millarworld Productions and no doubt other projects besides), London Super Comic Convention must be near the top of the dedicated London comic fan’s year.

Despite the weather, some hardy individuals still travelled to the event in costume, which with wind chill around -2 at Canning Town DLR station is no mean feat. Others took the warmer (saner?) route of changing in the venue loos.

There was at least one Cosplay group photo on the steps outside (a familiar site to attendees at the May & October MCM events) but this was not a long shoot. However, fair  play to the Cosplayers who ventured outside!

Inside Excel, there were alternative shows tempting the indecisive fan (The Baby Show and The Franchise Show, as you ask), but I correspondent managed to hit the right booth to hand over £20 on the door (£17.50 in advance).

One thing worth paying close attention to for the casual visitor is the show guide. If you look carefully (page 9 this year) you can find out about LSCC exclusives, ranging from editions with 3500 copies down to one with just 50. It’s as well to look at this whist you are actually at the show, not (ahem) on the train home afterwards…

With an excellent representation of the independent comic press available, as well as stacks of Marvel & DC to root through, there is little excuse for not coming away with something (one vendor was offering three packs of comics for £1; even my maths tells me this is a good deal)


With a range of merchandise on show from t-shirts to hoodies, sneakers to belt-buckles and replica film memorabilia (your own batarang, anyone?), it is no surprise that the Excel based ATM machine was rarely short of an eager queue in front of it.

Scheduled signings for the Saturday included such luminaries as Brian Bolland (of Judge Dredd and Batman:Killing Joke fame), Carlos Ezquerra (Judge Dredd, Strontium Dog and, a personal favourite, Fiends of the Eastern Front) and Neil Adams (considered responsible for Batman’s current image and co-creator with Dennis O’Neill of Ra’s al Ghul, a major lynchpin character of Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy), to name but a few.

As ever with these events, the Cosplay competition was a highlight, including one chap who dressed as his own creation from his own comic! The children who dressed up were probably outnumbered six to one by the adults although the baby Thor who could barely stand up (they start ’em young at Cosplay} was probably the cutest entrant (although those who saw Red Sonja may have a different opinion). Once again, some of these people who are perfectly happy to spend hours walking around in costume (possibly even travelling on public transport) seem to  rush across the “stage” when given their opportunity and very few actually posed for both the audience, who were extremely supportive.


In fact, one Poison Ivy literally did run across. Something for you amateur psychologists to chew on. It has to be said that by no means all the people who went in costume actually entered the competition and there was the usual amount of friendly photo opportunities on offer in the main concourse running down the centre of Excel.

This isn’t intended as a Cosplay event and it doesn’t compare at all to the quantity of participants or the vibe of fun you get at the MCM events in May and October, though it does share the same spirit of inclusiveness with all sorts of people in attendance, which is to be applauded.

With panel discussions on the Saturday  covering Fifty Years of Marvel, Daredevil Through the Ages and Judge Dredd, there was something for most people to get their teeth into. There were opportunities for those more creatively minded attendees to take their wares to Portfolio Reviews.

Whilst this event lacked the cinematic elements that Kapow has, the price of admission is not much more than what you may pay for a West End cinemas and offered considerably more value. Overall London Super Comic Convention was a interesting weekend event, regardless of the chill winter weather.

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