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Spoiler alert: This article contains pictures relating to the Helm’s Deep expansion.

Yesterday, Massively posted some details regarding the LOTRO expansion Helm’s Deep. Turbine gave Justin Olivetti a tour of the new content and showed some of the work in progress. The highlights were screenshots of the iconic  Hornburg and Deeping Wall as well as a interesting glimpse of the new Trait Tree panel. As ever such material has generated a great deal of speculation and discussion online. Combine this with the recently leaked maps of the region and a thread on the official forums that the beta testing starts this week, and I’d say there’s likely to be a major announcement regarding Helm’s Deep quite soon.

For those who would like to see more of Turbines recent tour of the region, Hrd.Seite.De, a German website has posted an indepth gallery of screenshots which seem to be identical to those used by Massively. I have reposted a selection here to to whet your appetite. I’d be very interested to hear readers opinions on both the aesthetics of the design and practicalities of the new skills tree. As I have stated before, Turbine is doing several radically different things with Helm’s Deep, compared to what we’ve seen in previous expansions. It remains to be seen whether these will be to everyone liking.

Trait Tree Panel

Trait Tree Panel


The Barrowfield are located outside of Edoras where the Rulers of Rohan are buried. Simbelmyne grow on the mounds.

The Deeping Wall

The Deeping Wall .Twenty feet in height and thick enough that four men can walk abreast.

The Hornburg

The Hornburg located in the Deeping-coomb in northern Rohan, built by Gondorians in the 2nd Age.

Paths of the Dead Entrance

The Dark Door, entrance to the Paths of the Dead.

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