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Spoiler alert: This article contains pictures relating to the Helm’s Deep expansion.

I regularly search social network sites and photo galleries for potential information about new games currently under development. These have proven to be a very useful resources in the past. I was therefore not surprised to find some images that appear to come from Turbine’s new expansion for LOTRO, Helm’s Deep. The pictures are mainly maps of West Rohan and surrounding areas. As usual the bulk of them are temporary place holders for the benefit of the developers. However, even in this form they are still informative, providing clues to the size of the new landmass and what it will feature.

Update: Ethelros over at LOTROplayers edited the above map and marked some potential locations on it. This map was then combined with one of the temporary maps that were leaked last year for Riders of Rohan. The two halves marry up very well. However it should be remembered that this has not officially endorsed by Turbine and remains a work of supposition.

There are also some images from the game which look like the sort that feature on loading screens. One of them features men of Rohan. Another appears to be the Golden Hall of Meduseld.

However the two images that intrigued me the most are those showing  enclosed areas with “Objectives” and “Score Points”. One mentions Fangorn and the other Moria in the “Fun Facts” section. I have no idea what these relate to? Perhaps this is some sort of new game mechanic that is being introduced into the game?

Update: It would appear that these two images have been spotted before. Here is a link to a French LOTRO fan site from a year ago. This looks like it may be part of a game mechanic that Turbine never implemented.

These pictures raise some interesting questions and hopefully indicate that the Helm’s Deep expansion is progressing well. Hopefully Turbine will announce a pre-order schedule and a specific launch date soon. If anyone has any theories regarding these images or their source please leave a comment.

8 thoughts on “Helm’s Deep Map

  1. Instanced PVMP skirmishes have been on the wish list since Mirkwood. Those maps look like they’d fit that bill.

    We already have a world where monsters kill NPC’s but just taunt player characters until they feel sad and then let them run away, there’s no reason why characters in this world wouldn’t use a scoreboard to determine the outcome of battles. :)

  2. Brian says:

    I have a theory regarding these images.

  3. Those images with “Objectives” were an early concept for PvMP skirmishes and have been in the game’s data files since (I believe) around the Siege of Mirkwood expansion.

  4. Forgotmygambits says:

    Those images with the objectives look pretty similar to the PVP maps in Neverwinter. Not totally identical. I’m wondering where you got all these pictures from though, and if they are real.

  5. Roger Edwards says:

    The pictures, as I stated in the post, do not originate from me and are not hosted on my site. I believe them to be genuine.
    If you compare them to similar images that were leaked last year from Rider’s of Rohan, you will see that they contain the same style of temporary maps Also the footage of Rise of Isengard that was showcased at Gamescom in 2011 was of a similar idiom.

  6. Goreamir says:

    Wow, I better save these to my PC before Turbine catches wind of these images. Something to whet the appetite for HD, finally.

  7. Goreamir says:

    I was doing soem tinkering of my own in photoshop. I lined up and scaled the new west Rohan region into the old lorebook map, and lined up the fords of Isen. Lothlorien ends up overlapping Moria and part of Eregion. They screwed up on their geography a little in crating their regions, probably due to not having a long term plan of where they should be before they designed them.

  8. Jestro says:

    The bottom images remind me of MOBA maps, the bottom on is identical to one featured in Turbine’s Ininite Crisis.

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