Contains Moderate Peril Episode 90: Too Beaucoup

Well it may be a day late but this week’s Contains Moderate Peril Podcast is an extended episode. Brian and I decided that there was a lot to talk about so pretty much everything we recoreded made the final edit. That’s not to say that we intend to do longer podcasts regularly but they will occur from time to time. So this week Brian tries DC Universe Online, while I finally finish Hytbold and ponder what to do next in LOTRO. We wonder whether The Elder Scrolls Online is going to be a success or have the same issues as last years new MMOs. Finally we get to talk about the merits of Kickstarter as a mean to finance new games and movies. I catch up with a few big release currently in the cinema and we consider the merts of JJ Abrams directing the next instalment of Star Wars. Finally the thorny issue of permanent bans comes under scrutiny, following recent events in League of Legends.

Show notes for this weeks podcast

  • Trying DC Universe Online: [Starts 01:22]
  • Console port to PC poor.
  • I’m going in blind.
  • Controller driven UI.
  • Hytbold completed: [Starts 16:16]
  • The Hytbold rewards could have been better.
  • So apart from taking alts through Rohan, what is there to do after Hytbold?
  • Did the Live Developer chat provide the answers the players wanted?
  • The Elder Scrolls Online: [Starts 28:43]
  • Beta sign up is now available.
  • Are core fans of this franchise sufficient to keep it financially viable?
  • What does this MMORPG have to offer that is new?
  • Kickstarter Controversy: [Starts 40:29]
  • Greed Monger’s Jason Appleton controversial response to criticism.
  • Is Kickstarter just an excuse for vanity projects and failed business ideas?
  • Do gamers make good investors?
  • What can be done to ensure against fraud?
  • Movies: [Starts 01:05:24]
  • Iron Sky & Monster. Low budget, self funded movies.
  • New Releases & News: [Starts 01:22:39]
  • The Last Stand.
  • Zero Dark Thirty.
  • JJ Abrams to direct of Star Wars Episode VII
  • League of Legends: [Starts 01:49:33]
  • Developers just permabanned two more high-profile players for being “toxic” to the community.
  • These are players who are ranked on the competitive e-sports
  • Does this mean more games will take the in-game experience seriously?


The podcasts are intended to be broad in content and casual in their nature. They are fun to record and are intended to inform and amuse. All opinions offered are our own and do not reflect any official view held by the game developers or film studios whose products we discuss. There is some strong language used occasionally. To listen to the show you can use the embedded media player below, directly download the MP3 file or alternatively use the iTunes store.

Music Credits:

Operation Smash by Morton Stevens

OP40 by Sean Murray

DC Universe Online (Misc) by Gerard K. Marino & Chad Mossholder

Roaming Free by Chance Thomas

Dragon Born by Jeremy Soule

Bawitdaba by Kid Rock

UFO (Variations on a theme) by Barry Gray

Imperial March by John Williams

Aunt Flo by Derek Griffiths

Voiceover by DJ Ric Santos

2 thoughts on “Contains Moderate Peril Episode 90: Too Beaucoup

  1. I’m running behind on podcast comments (or perhaps you’re running fast on new episodes!) but a few belated tidbits for Brian RE: DCUO:

    – You cannot switch your powerset post character creation, but you CAN change weapons. As you complete the game’s version of achievements, you get additional skill points that can be spent on any weapon (and also for your travel power). The only significance to the initial choice is that a respec will not refund the one skill point required to equip your starting weapon.

    – Sony’s Playstation division did indeed decline to develop drivers required to use a PS3 controller on a computer. A fan went ahead and coded his own – I won’t endorse it or guarantee that it will work, but I was able to use it. Ironically, once you have the third party PS3 driver installed, you have to tell it to emulate a XBox 360 controller because DCUO does not expect input from a PS3 controller due to the lack of driver support. Once this is done, the PS3 controller controls the game equally well on the PS3 and PC… but personally I continued to have issues flying in the wrong direction regardless, and all the way to level cap.

    – SOE stated in a pre-launch interview that the decision to segregate players by platform was not due to technical failings on their part. We are left to speculate that the game’s population was split in half because two division of the same corporation could not agree on how to split the money (e.g. does the PSN division get reimbursed for Station Access customers?). It was an especially hard choice at launch because you had to buy the box ($50 for PC, $60 for PS3 due to the platform’s “tax”) separately for each platform. The PC version meant a keyboard for those who wanted to be able to type and discount/synergies for people with existing Station accounts, while the PS3 platform has always been more popular. I actually gave up on purchasing this game until it went F2P because I just could not decide which of these two options annoyed me less.

    – Overall, I’d argue this story is a cautionary tale for anyone trying to build an MMO on the console. If this is the level of support you can when your own parent owns the console – no controller drivers, no split in revenue, delays in patch shipment due to PSN quality control procedures, and a UI that isn’t really optimized for either platform due to the requirement that it work on both – how will anyone else make it work?

  2. Brian says:

    Thanks for the info. I worked with an unrelated Sony division a few years ago so I can completely understand how the decision to segregate platforms was made. Each division operates as a silo, with all the infighting and turf wars you’d expect. Been there. Seen it happen. One. Big. Mess.
    Imagine how much better they’d be doing with a little internal cooperation — it boggles the mind!
    What little I experienced was quite good, and I’m still enthusiastic about DCUO in theory, but in reality I haven’t played since the podcast. The PC version feels like they could have done so much more with it, and the Playstation version feels like they tried to do way too much. Neither option is appealing to me at this point.

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