Contains Moderate Peril Episode 87: Consoles, Critics and Noobz

Welcome to the first Contains Moderate Peril podcast of 2013. It’s good to be back after a three week break. Both Brian and I have a lot to discuss in this weeks show. We look into the rumours that the next generation of games consoles will include technology that prohibits the use of previously owned games. What will be the consequences of such a policy? We also look at a rather heated online debate that stemmed from an article by Seth Abramson, who claims that critics failed to understand The Hobbit due to ignorance of Tolkien’s wider work. Does such an argument have any credence? The pair of us also discuss what we will and won’t be playing this year and our own changing attitudes to MMOs. Finally we look at a forthcoming comedy movie, based around the gaming community, that seems to have already ruffled a few feathers.

Here’s a breakdown of this weeks podcast.

  • Sony patent new techology to  prevent the use of previously owned software in its next generation console: [Starts 02:06]
  • Other vendors may follow suit.
  • Are the days of owning a game for life coming to an end?
  • Will this lead to gamers buying less games?
  • Does this new technology effectively kill off physical media?
  • The Hobbit: [Starts 21:05]
  • Do negative reviews matter?
  • Critic Seth Abramson is aggrieved by the negative reviews of Peter Jackson’s movie.
  • His argument is that critics negative comments lack substance because they don’t “get” Tolkien
  • New Years gaming: [Starts 33:53]
  •  I decided against buying The Secret World and didn’t play PlanetSide 2. Returned to Frogwares Sherlock Holmes based adventure games.
  • Brian talks about The Secret World, STO, WoW and LOTRO and how he’s changing his mindset towards MMOs
  • Will changes in payment models make a difference to MMOs in 2013?
  • Noobz (2012): [Starts 54:46]
  • Noobz is a new comedy about gamers (console gamers in this case but I suspect the wider public will not know the difference or care).
  • Are gamers right to complain about the negative stereotypes?
  • Hollywood is not known for its factual representation of any niche group, so why worry or complain?
  • It has Casper van Dien in it…


The podcasts are intended to be broad in content and casual in their nature. They are fun to record and are intended to inform and amuse. All opinions offered are our own and do not reflect any official view held by the game developers or film studios whose products we discuss. There is some strong language used occasionally. To listen to the show you can use the embedded media player below, directly download the MP3 file or alternatively use the iTunes store.

Musical Credits:

Operation Smash by Morton Stevens

OP40 by Sean Murray

Dead Heat (misc sample) dialogue: Treat Williams and Joe Piscopo

Over Hill by Howard Shore

Florence’s Prison Song by Eric Thompson and Joss Baselli

EUROSEC by Barry Gray

Operation Smash (Reprise) by Morton Stevens

Voiceover by DJ Ric Santos

One thought on “Contains Moderate Peril Episode 87: Consoles, Critics and Noobz

  1. Jonathan says:

    First-sale doctrine, that’s what the largest debate will be used for anti-used-games sales by folks like Gamestop, individuals, etc:

    From Wikipedia: “The first-sale doctrine creates a basic exception to the copyright holder’s distribution right. Once the work is lawfully sold or even transferred gratuitously, the copyright owner’s interest in the material object in which the copyrighted work is embodied is exhausted.”

    Basically stated: once you purchase something legally (e.g. buy a new physical game at Gamestop/Wal-Mart, you are then free to do whatever you want with that item without restriction (with the exception of duplication/copying). You can sell it, gift it, etc and the original copyright holder (e.g. the game designer/publisher) no longer holds any right to that individual copy.

    My hope is this precedent will remain strong against companies like Sony from barring pre-owned media.

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