Contains Moderate Peril Episode 86: Extended Christmas Special Edition In 3D

As this is the last Contains Moderate Peril podcast of 2012, we’ve decided to make it a bumper Christmas edition. Brian and I start off this weeks episode with a review of 2012. We look back at some of the interesting and curious events that took place in the last 12 months in the world of MMOs and genre cinema. In the second part of the show we revert to the usual format and consider some recent developments. First off there is the exciting news that FunCom have dropped the subscription model for their MMO The Secret World. We also look at the lack of mounted combat from any of the new instances coming with Update 9 for LOTRO. When we recorded this section of the show, Turbine had stated they had no currents plans to include this game mechanic. A decision they recently “clarified” by saying they are under long term consideration. Either way we won’t be seeing them soon. Finally, after finally seeing The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey I discuss my thoughts on whether Peter Jackson has managed to successfully bring Tolkien to the big screen a second time.

Both Brian and I would like to take this opportunity to say thanks to all our listeners. We greatly appreciate the continued support, comments and iTunes reviews. We would also like to say a special thank you to our fellow contributors Lisa and Jonathan (Baldy) as well as all the guests that joined us on the show this year. We’ve had a great time recording them and we hope you’ve enjoyed them as much as we have. The Contains Moderate Peril podcast will return on January 7th 2013.

Here’s a breakdown of this weeks podcast.

CMP review of 2012: [Starts 01:03:27]

The Secret World: [Starts 01:03:27]

  • No subscription required.
  • Action combat versus static combat.
  • A grown up community?
  • Will buy to play become a common business model?

LOTRO: [Starts 01:17:30]

  • Brian returns to Middle-Earth.
  • Should mounted combat be more than just a sideshow in LOTRO?.
  • Major changes are coming to the Turbine store. Over 2000 items are to be replaced.
  • What next for LOTRO in these uncertain financial times?

The Hobbit – An Unexpected Journey: [Starts 01:45:41]

  • This discussion does contain some mild spoilers so please be aware.
  • So how bad was the bunny sled?
  • Is it possible to please both purists and casual viewers alike?
  • How long is too long?


The podcasts are intended to be broad in content and casual in their nature. They are fun to record and are intended to inform and amuse. All opinions offered are our own and do not reflect any official view held by the game developers or film studios whose products we discuss. There is some strong language used occasionally. To listen to the show you can use the embedded media player below, directly download the MP3 file or alternatively use the iTunes store.

Musical Credits:

Christmas in Hollis by Run DMC

OP40 by Sean Murray

The Secret World Theme by Simon Poole

Roaming Free by Chance Thomas

Over Hill by Howard Shore

Christmas in Hollis (Reprise) by Run DMC

Voiceover by DJ Ric Santos

9 thoughts on “Contains Moderate Peril Episode 86: Extended Christmas Special Edition In 3D

  1. Jonathan Baron says:

    The first mass market advertisement for massively multiplayer online games – by GEnie in 1992 before the term, MMO, was coined – had this headline: Stop Playing With Yourself. Not very classy. Nor was it canny as the genre emerged with less and less multiplayer gaming and more and more masturbatory grinding. Heck, there is no such thing as an MMO anymore. Not if you fill out the acronym. Hence your fatigue with the genre. And that’s what dominates this audio web log: weariness and disappointment. Perhaps that was the theme for 2012. But it will reemerge some year soon as something very different indeed and will have as much in common with today’s online games as Sherlock has with the pilot for Gilligan’s Island.

  2. Craig Lockley says:

    Great episode!

    You mentioned that Oblivion and After Earth look like the same film. I wonder if this is anything to do with two film’s leading actors having ties with Scientology? Faux religious propaganda dressed as blockbusters?

  3. Weldon says:

    Great show! happy holidays to you both! and a happy new year as well!!!

  4. Roger Edwards says:

    Thanks. Glad you enjoyed it. Compliments of the season to you too.

  5. Ada says:

    I think some form of mounted instances are coming, I assume you recorded this before Aaron Campbell clarified his statement that mounted combat instances were not on the immediate horizon… i.e update 9 and 10, but the mechanic will be developed further, they are considering instances, its not just an end of the line.

    You can betcha those quickslot bars will start to fill with more skills in western rohan, as they can’t keep making ‘improved skill XX’ for characters, so the horses will be a new way to develop our characters.

    I imagine Asherons Call 2 rising from the dead is exactly as you surmise, looking for a revenue boost. I don’t know if DDO will shut, because I don’t know if it has much up keep cost for Turbine? Asherons Call, being their own IP and with a skeleton dev team, I doubt has much upkeep, and opening it up will just pique interest, and revenue, temporarily, and cannot hurt. I will stand by my statements, but I completely agree with your points about Turbine having to hit their quarterly.

    I loved the Hobbit, oddly as a purist, I felt this time his changes and additions, added and embellished the story, where as in LOTR the changes detracted on the story for me. Oddly the dwarves were not too slap stick as I feared, and Thorins back story gave me a lot of empathy for his position, which should be there from the expanded text, but never came across in the book.

  6. Tom says:

    It is weird I can only listen to the first 1.48 of the show, before it seem’s to restart?

  7. Roger Edwards says:

    Is this when using the embedded player? Try directly downloading the show, or playing it on iTunes.

  8. Tom says:

    Tried both and I still have the same problem, I am in Austria at the moment, although I cant see why that would make a difference…

  9. Roger Edwards says:

    Don’t really know what to suggest. The source MP3 file is fine and I’ve checked it on several different players. If anyone else is having technical issues then please leave a comment.

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