Contains Moderate Peril Episode 83: Better Late Than Never

Yes we’re back after a short two week break and me procrastinating over editing of the latest show. Hence the rather obvious title of this weeks podcast. Brian and I kick off this episode by discussing Morgan Spurlock’s documentary about Comic-Con and its participants, Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan’s Hope. Do fly on the wall productions such as these ever give an objective view on fandom and fans in general? I have my own fan boy moment about Skyfall, the latest Bond movie and then we have a more measured look at some of the latest TV shows, Revolution, Elementary, Person of Interest and The Walking Dead. We also look at the legal action that’s being taken against The Asylum and their latest movie Age of the Hobbits, by The Saul Zaentz CompanyHarmless fun or copyright infringement? Finally we discuss the dragon events in Guild Wars 2 along with some griefing that’s been going on in LOTRO. Drama in Middle-Earth? Surely not?

Show notes for this weeks podcast.

  • Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan’s Hope: Do documentaries about fans and fandom ever do justice to the  subject? [Starts 01:15]
  • Movies and TV round up: Skyfall. The best Bond yet?  Plus Revolution, Elementary, Person of Interest and The Walking Dead. [Starts 20:51]
  • Hobbit news: Seeing The Hobbit in HFR 3D. Is your local movie theatre showing the film in the new format? Plus, Asylum’s  Hobbit “mockbuster” Age of the Hobbits sued by The Saul Zaentz Company. [Starts 44:05]
  • Gaming : Guild Wars 2 Dragon Timer. Never be late again when slaying dragons. Plus, prank or griefing? Avancs on the loose in LOTRO. [Starts 53:06]

The podcasts are intended to be broad in content and casual in their nature. They are fun to record and are intended to inform and amuse. All opinions offered are our own and do not reflect any official view held by the game developers or film studios whose products we discuss. There is some strong language used occasionally. To listen to the show you can use the embedded media player below, directly download the MP3 file or alternatively use the iTunes store.

Musical Credits:

Operation Smash by Morton Stevens

OP40 by Sean Murray

EUROSEC by Barry Gray

Battlefield 2 sting by  Joel Eriksson

Misty Mountains Theme by  Howard Shore

Aunt Flo by Derek Griffiths

Operation Smash (Reprise) by Morton Stevens

Voiceover by DJ Ric Santos

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