(CLOSED) CMP Giveaway – Win a Kindle Fire HD

It’s time for the final giveaway of the year, here at Contains Moderate Peril and we are especially pleased with the prize this month. We are offering the chance to win a Kindle Fire HD (16 GB version), the cutting edge, 7 inch tablet from Amazon. Browse the web, watch videos, read e-books, play games plus much more, on this superb handheld device. All in stunning 720P high definition. Here are just some of the features you will find on the  Kindle Fire HD.

Stunning 7″ HD display for web, apps, books, games, e-mail, Facebook, movies, and more
  • 1280×800 HD display with polarising filter and anti-glare technology for rich colour and deep contrast from any viewing angle
  • Exclusive Dolby audio and dual-driver stereo speakers for immersive, virtual surround sound
  • World’s first tablet with dual antenna, dual-band Wi-Fi for ultra-fast downloads and HD streaming
  • High performance 1.2 Ghz dual-core processor with Imagination PowerVR 3D graphics core for fast and fluid performance
  • Thin, light and portable. Beautifully simple, with no set-up required and no software to install
  • Access to over 22 million movies, TV shows, songs, books, and magazines, plus tens of thousands of popular apps and games such as Cut the Rope HD,Angry Birds Space HDSkyscannerJamie’s 20-minute meals and Auto Trader
  • Ultra-fast web browsing and e-mail over built-in Wi-Fi, with integrated support for Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, and more, as well as Exchange calendar, contacts, and email
  • Available in 16 GB or 32 GB, plus free unlimited cloud storage for all your Amazon content
  • All the extras, including a front facing HD camera for free Skype-to-skype calls plus an HDMI port for viewing your content on your TV or other devices
  • Long battery life, with over 11 hours of reading, surfing the web on Wi-Fi, watching video, or listening to music on a single charge
  •  Kindle Owners’ Lending Library – with an Amazon Prime membership, Kindle device owners can choose from more than 200,000 books to borrow for free with no due dates, including current and former top sellers in the Amazon.co.uk Kindle Store and all 7 Harry Potter books.

Important note regarding regional compatibility: To guarantee regional compatibly the prize will be supplied via the Amazon store from the winners home country.

To enter follow the instructions below:

There are three ways to enter the draw. You may use anyone of them or all three  for additional chances to win!

Method 1: Simply leave a comment on this post using a legitimate email address that you can be reached on.

Method 2: Like CMP on Facebook, then leave a post on our wall telling us how much you want to win. (You must both Like CMP and leave a comment to be eligible)

Method 3: Follow @ModeratePeril on Twitter, then use your Twitter account to tweet this exact phrase:

Win a Kindle Fire HD @ModeratePeril. Details: http://bit.ly/YUTFXF #CMPKindleFireHD #Giveaway #Competition

On Saturday 29th December at 18:00 GMT, the competition will close. Each accepted entry will be assigned a number. A winner will then be randomly picked using the facilities at True Random Numbers.

Terms & Conditions:

  1. One entry per person, per method (comment, Facebook and Twitter) please. Total of 3 possible entries per person.
  2. Any entry using an IP that’s already logged will be deleted.
  3. The actual text of your comment has no bearing on the competition, although it is sensible to be polite.
  4. It is irrelevant whether you post a unique comment or a reply to another person.
  5. CMP’s decision is final. There will not be a debate, stewards enquiry or inquest into who won.
  6. The winner will be contacted by email, Facebook Message or Twitter Direct Message. If they do not reply within 2 days, the prize will be re-allocated.
  7. The prize will be sent by courier direct to the winner from Amazon.
  8. CMP contributors cannot enter.
  9. By entering you accept responsibility that the prize is compatible with your hardware and software. If you win and it’s not, that is your problem and you have no recourse to CMP.
  10. The winner may not request that the prize be transferred to any other person.
  11. No cash alternative or alternative prize is available on entrant’s request, but in the event of the advertised competition prize being unavailable we reserve the right to offer an alternative prize of equal or greater value.
  12. Entry in the competition implies acceptance of these rules

Good luck.

425 thoughts on “(CLOSED) CMP Giveaway – Win a Kindle Fire HD

  1. Jo Hutchinson says:

    a kindle, wow just think of everything you could have on it.

  2. James Richards says:

    Love reading so this would be an awesome piece of kit to have. Good luck to all!

  3. Douglas says:

    Oh wow! You guys have the best giveaways!

  4. Kirk Preston says:

    Would love to have one of these!. Great giveaway, thanks.

  5. John says:

    Nice giveaway! (Fingers crossed)

  6. Jason Schaller says:

    Bring on the free stuff!!

  7. Jeff says:

    Mmm…tasty. That would make a great Xmas present for me.

  8. Jeremy Rance says:

    Wow , this prize is the Mutz Nutz :-)

  9. tommion says:

    This site gets better and better-so do the prizes

  10. Chris says:

    Hi guys! Thanks for the giveaway! Been a fan of the blog and show for a while, so whether I ever win or not, thanks for putting all of this on.

  11. Anjin says:

    For someone fishing for comments, this section is pretty anemic. Come on folks! Leave some comments!

    Also, please pick me. :)

  12. Steve Armas says:

    CMP has really cool giveaways. I want to win this Kindle to help continue the social evolution of man and his growing dependency upon technology. “Resistance is futile!”

  13. Mukesh Jain says:

    Just noticed that Kindle Fire is an anagram for ‘Friend Like’

    Anyway- it’s my birthday on the 28th December- so the usual combined Xmas & birthday present to look forward to – hopefully 24 hours later Santa will return with a Kindle Fire

  14. Pete says:

    Great prize. Having used friends tablets I have been very tempted to get one myself.

  15. Sophie grayling says:

    would adore this!!

  16. Emma W says:

    Absolutely the perfect size, count me in please!

  17. Kristyn Martin says:

    Thanks so much for the chance!!

  18. Carolyn murphy says:

    I would really love a kindle fire they are so smart and really give other tablets a run for their money. Also heard lots of good reviews so think this is the one for me. :-)

  19. hiba008 says:

    Wow! Would really love to get my hands on one :)
    Follow and tweeted: hiba008


  20. Ellohir says:

    I already have an eBook but my girlfriend wants it to read on commute. But she doesn’t want to leave me without it so she doesn’t accept it when I offer! I would love to give her a Kindle Fire for Christmas :)

  21. Oscar says:

    Mine mine mine!

  22. Natx says:

    Really cute Ellohir. 😉

    It’s a perfect Xmas gift! I really want to win it! ( And I hope I will, haha)
    Good luck everyone! 😀 Merry Christmas!

  23. Louis says:

    Thank you for hosting this giveaway – I’d love to win

    pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

  24. Leeann says:

    *crossed fingers*

  25. Louise says:

    fantastic prize! would make a great present for my mum

  26. Wanda says:

    Honestly, this would be THE BEST Christmas gift ever! I could do everything I love doing with this one device!! Love this contest!

  27. Jennifer B says:

    I’d absolutely love to win this!!!

  28. olivia kirby says:

    Dream prize!!!

  29. Tom Muetzel says:

    Love my old Kindle, a new one would be awesome.

  30. Carolyn G says:

    Great giveaway, thanks

  31. Leah lucier says:

    I would like to win.

  32. Kris Fruin says:

    Excellent 2012 by the CMP team. Looking forward to 2013 – and maybe I’ll have to try and even contribute… GoT reviews?

  33. long battery life is impressive.

  34. Gabe Klingele says:

    Rad. I would love this.

  35. Stacia says:

    I would absolutely adore a Kindle Fire HD!

  36. Stephanie Dunivant says:

    This would be awesome for school! Totally blessing if I won. I can’t wait! :)

  37. Stephanie Dunivant says:

    Liked and following. :) CMP where have you been all my life?

  38. Bea says:

    OMG! A Kindle Fire. I’ll cross my fingers and hope really hard.

  39. Michael Ervin says:

    I WANT TO WIN! I want it THIIIIS much! I’d give it to my child. He’s been dying for one.

  40. Göran Bergström says:

    Ooohhh shiny! It would be so nice to get something like a Kindle to read on, watch movies or just listen to music when I commute to work every day. Merry cheers for this giveaway!

  41. Anne says:

    Dying to get a Kindle! Been looking for one that wouldn’t cost me an arm or a leg. The iPad is much too steep a price and I’m hoping to get/win a Kindle to read my books on Overdrive. Reading them on an iPhone is much too difficult. =]

  42. Tracey Lee says:

    I typed in google search how can I when a Kindle Fire HD because I can’t afford one and to my surprise your site popped up…..crossing my fingers

  43. Tracey Lee says:

    I typed in google search how can I when a Kindle Fire HD because I can’t afford one and to my surprise your site popped up, crossing my fingers I win.

  44. Simonette says:

    Kindle Fire is on my Christmas wishlist!! :)

  45. Lethareth says:

    I really want to win that Kindle Fire HD!

  46. Robert Kaznica says:

    Man My wife would love to have one of these ..It would be great to win it

  47. C Hui says:

    Cool, count me in!

  48. Cosmin B says:

    I love reading. It would be great if I could take it to the next level.

  49. Steve says:

    Cool I want one

  50. Clive Stubley says:

    Would love to win this!

  51. Sig says:

    After getting myself a Nook Color when it was fairly new, and then buying a Kindle Fire for the lady last year, I was immediately jealous and I’ve rarely touched my Nook since. The fire is a superior device — I’d love to win one for myself!

  52. Gill Gaffney says:

    This would definitely make my year. I could at least stop stealing my daughter’s tablet!

  53. Angela OBrien says:

    Thanks very much for running this competition:-)

  54. Mark Doherty says:

    Just the thing to get me through a night shift!!

  55. Paul says:

    What a great competition.

  56. Jeff says:

    I’ve been wanting a Kindle Fire forever. .

  57. Crell says:

    Awesome prize

  58. andrea miles says:

    would love to win this, it’s a great prize

  59. Sharon Hughes says:

    a kindle hd is top of my xmas want list- hope u are reading this husband or else.

  60. Amelia Kennedy says:

    What I’d do to win this – great prize!

  61. Mariel Pereira says:

    Thank you for this lovely giveaway! Would be lovely to win.

  62. Damien says:

    Great giveaway!

  63. Louise Turner says:

    There’s no room for another bookcase so I need to get a kindle – winning one would stop my family moaning at me for all my books!

  64. Pete A says:

    That kindle is on fire – I’d love to win it!

  65. Anne Nash says:

    I would love to win as my daughter has borrowed my kindle

  66. Kevin Williams says:

    This competition brought me to the site for the first time, now bookmarked!

  67. Sean Brady says:

    Supposedly the tablet of the moment. Time will tell…

  68. Rena Plumridge says:

    Would love to win!

  69. Lal says:

    Since I’ve learnt of the existence of the Kindle, I dreamed to have one :)

  70. Linda Tweed says:

    Great competition!

  71. Val Burman says:

    Ooh please! Really want one! Great prize!

  72. Marc Chivers says:

    Yes please

  73. Jennifer Codd says:

    Would love to win this

  74. Zoe Hope says:

    This is the future of reading – I would love to win one

  75. M Bush says:

    Would love this for my daughter xxx

  76. Jim Milligan says:

    Would be brilliant to gift something like this!

  77. Heather Price says:

    I need this in my life!

  78. Shelley Hawkins says:

    a Kindle would do my f.o.m.o. the world of good!

  79. B Holden says:

    Hey you guys…Love the site, and would love this!

  80. Phil Darling says:

    Ding Dong! great prize guys.

  81. ANDREW MINETT says:

    To win this competition for my wife would go a long way to cheer her up after a very upsetting and stressfull year!

  82. Bev Davis says:

    This would be the best Christmas present since my Barbie Camper Van when I was 10!

  83. Gareth Roberts says:

    This would make a nice Christmas present to cheer me up whilst working over Christmas and the New Year!

  84. Chris Clarke says:

    I’d love to have one of these :)

  85. Paul Wilson says:

    I’d love a Kindle Fire.

  86. Georgia says:

    wow, amazing!

  87. Charlotte Ingham says:

    I’ve wanted a kindle for so so long now!

  88. Adele Leek says:

    Would love to win this fab giveaway – It’s on my wish list this year!

  89. Tracey Peach says:

    Amazing Prize, Count Me In xxx

  90. Paula Burnside says:

    Great Prize, I would love to win this. Fingers Crossed XX

  91. Graeme Johnston says:

    Would love one of these!

  92. John Gunn says:

    I would love to win so much! I could have so much fun with this bad boy!

  93. Kate Dickinson says:

    Excellent prize, would love to win!

  94. David Prince says:

    great prize

  95. kayleigh bates says:

    I would love to win this! x

  96. Darren says:

    Amazing prize, been wanting one of these since they were released.

  97. kayleigh Dawn says:

    Fantastic! Merry Christmas :) x

  98. Joe Pooler says:

    Great prize. These tablets are really impressive.

  99. Jordan says:

    It would be absolutely fantastic if I won! I read so much and I no longer have any room left on my bookshelf :/ I’ve been wanting one of these for so long but I never have enough money to buy one so hopefully I win :)
    oh and thank you so much for creating this competition! :)

  100. Lisa Williams says:

    This is at the top of my Christmas list but I wont be getting it ….. what a great prize thank you so much for being so generous :)

  101. liz denial says:

    I’d love to win this as it would make life so much easier for my arthritic fingers which struggle to turn pages of a book

  102. Julia Spencer says:

    good luck everyone (particularly me hahaha) thanks for a great competition xxx

  103. Kelly Koya says:

    Would love one of these!

  104. Mark Sanderson says:

    Want! Badly..

  105. Marcus says:

    great prize

  106. Steve Thomas says:

    Badly needed and lusted after!

  107. Alison M says:

    Great Christmas Present for someone..count me in and the very best of luck to everyone..

  108. Tony W says:

    What an excellent prize

  109. Glenn Hutton says:

    Would love to win!

  110. angela sandhu says:

    brilliant prize

  111. Fiona says:

    On top of my wishlist

  112. Sophia Kearney says:

    ooo wonderful! be nice to give myself a christmas present this year

  113. Shauna Ferguson says:

    Wow! I would so LOVE this!

  114. Rachael Simmons says:

    Hello! I’d please love to win this for my mum, a tablet would be so much easier for her 😀

  115. kirsty meredith pt vip says:

    This would be a win for the whole family. Count me in please!

  116. My 9 year old just loves to read and this would be great for holidays, staying with family and long journeys

  117. Cheryl Edwards says:

    Thank You for great comp!

  118. Laura Harris says:

    Fingers crossed for this great prize, have been hankering for a Kindle!

  119. claire says:

    great prize

  120. claire says:

    have tweeted (method 3)


  121. Lesley says:

    Great giveaway! :)

  122. Kay Adams says:

    Great giveaway for christmas!

  123. Hilda Hazel Wright says:

    This is top of my most wanted Christmas list but I don’t think Father Christmas will be bringing it for me as I’ve been downright naughty! Thanks for the competition!

  124. Sandra Stitchell says:

    I have the first Kindle and absolutely love it, so I can only imagine what the Kindle Fire must be like. Fantastic.

  125. Ruth Barber says:

    I’d love to win a Kindle Fire HD, they look so wonderful, I’d read my favourite books on it. =D

  126. mayur koya says:

    Would love a kindle fab prize good luck everyone

  127. michael clarke says:

    A Kindle would be nice

  128. Mike Smithson says:

    Excellent prize good luck everyone

  129. Larry H says:

    Would love to try this new Kindle

  130. John Tingay says:

    If Santa forgets to bring me a Kindle HD, I’m sure CMP will step in and deliver!

  131. Susan Cameron says:

    I’m a silver surfer,just getting into technology-can’t afford things like this and my grandson says it would be a waste to win it but I’ll show him someday!

  132. Ginger Kay says:

    Splendid giveaway – I hope I win!

  133. Matt Jones says:


  134. Stacy says:

    Brilliant prize! Would be amazing to win this!

  135. Tink Rhonda Lee Mse says:

    WOW brilliant giveaway!

  136. Keith S says:

    Just found your site and was still laughing about the brilliant name when I saw this comp – how about making a newbie feel REALLY welcome (hint hint 😉 ?

  137. Frances hopkins says:

    What a fantastic prize!! someone will be very lucky!!

  138. Louise Smith says:

    Thank you for a fabulous competition.

  139. Karen Shuttleworth says:

    Would love this!

  140. Debbie Bird says:

    Smashing giveaway I love reading

  141. Mark Stevens says:

    Niccccce, on my wish list for Christmas.

    Thankyou for the competition

  142. Sarah Mc says:

    Fab – I’m running out of shelf space for my book collection – would love this (o:

  143. Barrie Phillips says:

    I think I deserve to win because of my deprived childhood,in fact when I was young the other kids used to pick on me,they would cover me in whipped cream,throw chocolate flakes at me and put cherries on my head – life was tough in the gâteau.I am also obsessed with the word “Fire” and owning this would probably distract me from my pyromaniac tendencies.

  144. Barrie Phillips says:

    Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year from your ever faithful follower,grovel,grovel,grovel.

  145. Joan Furlong says:

    Would love this great prize

  146. Laura S says:

    I’d love one of these! Running out of room to store my books lol.

  147. Rob P says:

    Do want.

  148. Tim Marchant-Jones says:

    Fantastic prize as always!

  149. Laura says:

    I’d love to win, thank you for running the comp

  150. zray says:

    Yes please!

  151. Justine Hughes says:

    Would love one of these.

  152. Jay Scales says:

    Would really love to win this, haven’t ever had any Kindle, let alone one as fancy as this!

  153. Al MacInnes says:

    Love it :)

  154. Warren Lee says:

    Top prize….Thanks for the giveaway

  155. Andy D says:

    Yes Please

  156. Lesley Walsh says:

    Would be great to win this prize. Thx for the opportunity.

  157. Solange says:

    Great prize

  158. Victoria Cunniff says:

    Would love this for my husband, something to keep him occupied while I shop in the sales :-)

  159. Helen says:

    fabulous prize; until recently when browsing round a well known supermarket for Christmas gift inspiration, I passed a Kindle display. I had thought that Kindle’s were only ereaders, how wrong I was; now I know what they do, I’d love to have one.

  160. Helen says:

    I’m following Contains Moderate Peril (CMP) on Facebook. I’d love to win, our only device for accessing the internet at home is my laptop, the important word here is “my” but I never get to use the internet until after the children have gone to bed and only then if there’s footie on the TV – I’d love to win and surf the internet in peace.

  161. Alison Wakefield says:

    Fantastic prize fingers crossed x

  162. John Oates says:

    Thanks great prize

  163. Jo Kelly says:

    Need one of these in my life!! 😀

  164. hannah oneill says:

    This would make traveling so much easier! No need to take physical books!

  165. JoC says:

    Awesome prize..the new Kindle Fire rocks. :) Happy Xmas CMP!

  166. lee burton says:

    great prize thank you

  167. Vicky Carter says:

    Followed and liked Vicky-ann carter @vickycarter85

    This is such an awesome competition!!!

  168. aly carter says:

    After concentrating on giving everyone else gifts for xmas, this would make a fantastic post xmas pressie for me. Good luck everyone. x

  169. Michael C. says:

    I reckon that in the middle part of the wallpaper for this page our heroine and hero are seeing just what kind of fire they can get by Kindling :-). Count me in please!

  170. ANJU says:

    Oh how I’d love one of these!

  171. Adrian Crymble says:

    Great Prize!

  172. K. Harrison says:

    I’d love to win one of those!

  173. Liz Simpson says:

    I’m too old for Santa now, so winning this would make my Christmas.

  174. Heather Shaw says:

    Winning a kindle would be awesome… then i could carry my book to college without worrying about it getting dogeared!

  175. Ada says:

    Great Prize, love to come back on the cast again if you are ever short of guest… barrell scarping I know!

  176. Orla says:

    Great prize,would love to win this!

  177. Paul Smith says:

    Brilliant prize! Would love to surprise other half by winning this & wrapping it up for her for Xmas – would earn SO many brownie points!!

  178. Stacie says:

    I will win one of these eventually!

  179. foz says:

    I would love to have all my books in one!

  180. Kelly says:

    This is like the answer to my dreams! I need a kindle in my life

  181. Elaine P says:

    Would love to win one of these gadgets.
    Wishing everyone a Happy Christmas and good luck to all.

  182. Matthew Buoscio says:

    I would LOVE this.

  183. Emma Jackson says:

    Merry Christmas CMP x


  184. Joanne Baldwin says:

    Brilliant prize, good luck all!

  185. Neil Hutchings says:

    wonderful prize. Merry xmas all!

  186. Rebecca Harley says:

    Merry christmas to you all, Hopefully Santa will be kind to me and I don’t mind if he comes a little bit late with this in his sack for me.

  187. Christine mutter says:

    Please count me in, you generous souls, it would help me massively as I do lots of boring travel with work x

  188. Darius Dragasius says:

    count me in!

  189. Jesse Partington says:

    I would love one of these.

  190. Amy Ripley says:

    Please Santa!!!

  191. David Kerr says:

    I’d love to win !

  192. Jamie Berwick says:

    C’mon Santa – put Fire in my eyes…

  193. Caroline Burt says:

    Fantastic prize … liked on facebook and following on twitter x

  194. Julie Booth says:

    I commute to London everyday on the train and usually read hard back books which are heavy to carry. This would be ideal on the train.

  195. MMW says:

    Yes please :-)

  196. Ste Appleton says:

    what a fantastic giveaway!

  197. Craig W says:

    I’d really like a Kindle. Please pick me!

  198. Ann Robinson says:

    I’d love to win this

  199. anthony harrington says:

    fab! would love to win as I have a huge list of books I want to read – already a follower on twitter @freyerj and already a Facebook follower in same name of Anthony Harrington

  200. Lisa Rowsell says:

    Would love to win this. Good luck everybody, and Merry Christmas.

  201. Nkisu Machona says:

    ERMERGERD! I really want an Amazon Kindle Fire!!!! Ahhhhh, finally a place to store all my books!!! This prize would be the ultimate Christmas present!!!! 😀

  202. Richard R says:

    Really would love this

  203. Cheryl M says:

    I so want one of these – please pick me!

  204. Kate Hester says:

    Fingers crossed!

  205. Blake Ahearne says:

    i could only dream of winning this

  206. Alice Hindley says:

    Would love to win this! – fingers and toes crossed

  207. Val swift says:

    Grear giveaway

  208. francesca coles says:

    I would so love to win this because my kids say books are so last century!

  209. Leah says:

    I would love to win this cause I have eight kids

  210. Mark Johnson says:

    Great Prize

  211. Jeffrey Willis says:

    This is so hot.

  212. Annie H says:

    Hey guys, thanks for facing peril for me this year – that AND running a fab giveaway! Happy holidays! xx

  213. Julie Guy says:

    Awesome prize, I’ve always wanted a Kindle. Merry Christmas everyone. :)

  214. Mickie Bull says:

    Awesome giveaway!

  215. Vanessa F says:

    These look brilliant!

  216. san says:

    would be a wonderful start to the new year

  217. Sandy Hill says:

    yes please yes please yes please!

  218. hannah says:

    Incredible prize, it would definitely make my year

  219. Jade Vine says:

    great prize!

  220. cheryl dawn lovell says:

    Fab giveaway!

  221. Sheila Sloan says:

    Great prize

  222. Lese says:

    I’d love to win a Kindle Fire, would make up for not getting one for Christmas…lol

  223. Elliot says:

    The missus would love this

  224. Jane says:

    Would love to win, so many books to read, this would be great.

  225. Allan says:

    Wanted one for Christmas but Santa must have ran out of them, so this would be great.

  226. Rachel Vass says:

    A kindle fire would be amazing!

  227. Neil Pearson says:

    I’d love a Kindle as in my tiny flat there’s no room for a library!

  228. susannah southurst says:

    love to win this for my husband he buys books everyweek and the bookshelf is overgrown and need to convert him!

  229. Maggie Coates says:

    Would love to win. Please enter me. Thank you and happy new year.

  230. Laura Chapman says:

    This would ensure my 2013 started off on a good note!! I have to travel on horrible public transport, to study, everyday for 3 hours. A Kindle Fire HD would cheer me up whilst travelling.

  231. Andrew F. says:

    I would like to win, as would everyone else… Good luck everyone. May one person win.

  232. Ray Fielding says:

    Great prize

  233. Alison says:

    Would love one of these, fab prize

  234. Geekdad248 says:

    kindle fire in HD – SWEET!

  235. Nicola P says:

    Excellent prize, fingers crossed!

  236. Kelly Hooper says:

    Lovely prize, thank you for a fab giveaway

  237. Jamie says:

    This would be amazing :)

  238. Jamie says:

    Follow @ModeratePeril on Twitter and tweeted “Win a Kindle Fire HD @ModeratePeril. Details: http://bit.ly/YUTFXF #CMPKindleFireHD #Giveaway #Competition”


  239. niccola taylor says:

    cool prize

  240. Susie M says:

    Really wanted a Kindle but couldn’t justify it for such a single use gadget. Think the Fire does enough that I can want again though!

  241. Sharon Worsley says:

    As a reader I find nothing better than getting a good book in my hands however a kindle would allow me to carry a number of books and read without the light on when feeding my baby in the night!

  242. Chantal says:

    What an amazing prize! Thanks for the giveaway

  243. Paula Phillips says:

    Lovely prize thanks.

  244. Matt Hudson says:

    I’d love this!

  245. Gill McNamara says:

    God, I would love this!

  246. Ruth Hedges says:

    All done! Great prize x

  247. rebecca leon says:

    great prize!

  248. Claire Butler says:

    awesome prize

  249. Tami says:

    Didn’t get one for Christmas and would love this!!!

  250. G Grant says:

    there appears to be a big gap on my bookshelves……

  251. Frances Heaton says:

    This super little gizmo would transform my reading big style. Thank you for running the competition.

  252. Leanne Newsome says:

    Great giveaway

  253. debra applegate says:


  254. Cheryll H says:

    Would love one of these <3 @pipersky1

  255. Gemma Clark says:

    fantastic giveaway :) thankyou xx

  256. Gemma Clark says:

    liked on facebook and left a comment as Gem Clark thankyou…..following on twitter and tweeting @gemmaclark6 thankyou x

  257. Rachel says:

    Fingers crossed!

  258. Kirsten Barthy says:

    Kindles are amazing

  259. Barbara Ward says:

    Please enter my name for a chance to win this great prize….Fingers Crossed and Happy New year…..( Santa did not deliver one as promised !!!)

  260. stuart w says:

    Would be a great start to the new year to win this.

  261. Karina Braekkan says:

    Please enter me into the draw. :)

  262. Helen Beale says:

    Saw this in PC world yestoday, looks wise it’s quite similar to an iPad mini. Great prize!

  263. Lesley Bain says:

    Wow I would love this :) Please enter me for a chance to win :) xxx

  264. Kirstie Vaughan says:

    I have tweeted and commented on FB. Really want to win, someone stood on my kindle and broke it :(

  265. Hazel Rush says:

    What an amazing prize!!!! I’d love to own a kindle!

  266. Alfie Davidson says:

    Tweeted as @kbh19602. Liked on Facebook

  267. Rik Line says:

    When will people realise, i doesnt need a piece of fruit to make it good?

  268. Barbara Stephenson says:

    Books are so bulky to carry when traveling, a kindle would be so light to carry, and would mean I had a complete library at my fingertips – fantatastic!

  269. Barbara Stephenson says:

    Books are so bulky to carry when traveling, a kindle would be so light to carry, and would mean I had a complete library at my fingertips – fantastic!

  270. kate knight says:

    I would love to win this prize for a post Christmas pick me up!

  271. Farhana Haque says:

    I would love a Kindle for myself ::)

  272. Claire Trevor says:

    This would be so handy when baking, instead of struggling to keep the book open to read the recipe!

  273. Stephanie says:

    Unemployed and my daughter has ask for one for her birthday.

  274. Stephanie says:

    Need a Kindle fire HD for my daughter for her birthday

  275. Andrew Ludlow says:


  276. Leanne Court says:

    Felt like everyone at Christmas was opening a Kindle except me!

  277. Rebecca Lis says:

    I would love to win this

  278. Anna says:

    would love to win these so I can read in bed without my fiance moaning about the light being on! :-)

  279. Bernadette Davies says:

    Gimme gimme gimme! 😉

  280. teresa thorne says:

    would love a kindle!

  281. Tina Hector says:

    I would also love to win this!

  282. Tanya Vincent says:

    would love love love to win this- please please please!!!! At your peril choose someone else!!

  283. antonia j richardson says:

    very very cool prize

  284. Judith Luscombe says:

    Would love to win this for my son, who reads continuously and is forevering texting me to pick up the latest copy of a particular series from Waterstones so this would be brilliant for him to have hundreds of books right at his fingertips

  285. Sandi says:

    What a lovely prize!

  286. Jeremy Hards says:

    What a great prize. I could take so many books on holiday. Also reduce the amount of space taken up in the house with bookshelves. I can’t bring myself to get rid of books after reading them, just in case I want to read it again.

  287. Beth says:

    What a great prize!If I won it, I’d give it to my brother as a belated christmas pressie.

  288. viv petrillo says:


  289. Talia says:

    Would love this kindle!

  290. Louise says:

    Love it

  291. francis lee says:

    enter me please. thanks :)

  292. FionaLynne Edwards says:

    Oh wow! What a fab giveaway. I’ve tweeted too @ figgygee.

  293. Rhydian P says:

    I would love to win this

  294. Elliot Dawson says:

    Well I didn’t get a Kindle for christmas so I may as well have a go! lol

  295. Therese Pastore says:

    Love to have one of these

  296. Patricia Prismick says:

    I would love one of these, so much easier than carrying books, especially on holiday.

  297. ALISON CAMPBELL says:

    Come on baby light my fire, my kindle fire!

  298. Would love to win one of these. My original kindle was great but disappeared into my husband’s hands…

  299. Tamara Payne says:

    Fab Prize

  300. Primrose M says:

    Nice giveaway, would like to win it

  301. Rebekah Powley says:

    Oh the things I would do for a Kindle!!!

  302. Carol Rowley says:

    would so love to win this

  303. Richard Johnson says:

    I’ve been trying to win a Tablet since the first iPad came out, may be this will be my lucky competition. ;D

  304. hazel rigazio says:

    tweeted at sunnygirl388
    shared on facebook as hazel anna rigazio
    wow great prize i’m always using my poor hubby’s kindle so i would love to win.


    What a fantastic prize,I would LOVE to win this

  306. Kamla T says:

    All I wanted for Christmas was a Kindle Fire and peace on Earth. Kinda disappointed on Christmas morning, more by the lack of the former than the latter!

  307. Heather Walsh says:

    Count me in please.

  308. Clare F Wood says:

    I’d really love to win one

  309. Caitlin W says:

    I would so love this, what a fab prize!

  310. Michelle Williams says:

    Would love to win a Kindle, please enter me

  311. Vicki Smith says:

    Fab prize thanks CMP

  312. Tom Baines says:

    Fantastic guys great prize x

  313. Hayley Ralls says:

    Yes please – would be a greta New Year surprise!!

  314. Joanne says:

    What a fantastic prize – thanks for a great comp.

  315. ClairejB says:

    I want one! :) Am running out of space on my bookcase, I would love to own a Kindle!

  316. ClairejB says:

    I tweeted @Madrabbitgirl

  317. Julie says:

    A kindle for me will be kind

  318. steve stewart says:

    Random number generator- come here please

  319. Pamela Gossage says:

    I’d love to win this

  320. Ruth Tesdale says:

    I would love to win a Kindle Fire

  321. Divya M says:

    I would love to win this, so pick me!

  322. Tim Bain says:

    These are amazing little tabets, the battery life makes them so useful :)

  323. Anthony Rigby says:

    Pick me please!!

  324. Michelle Becker says:

    I would love to win one of these. I’m so over rereading the same page or paragraph over and over again to find the place I was up to having fallen asleep with my book and loosing my place :)

  325. stephen cook says:

    Keep up the good work, this is an ideal gift to win.


    wow excellent prize!

  327. helen anderson says:

    CMP please pick me, i would like to win your kindle fire for me, to watch all the lastest stuff in HD :)

  328. Lou C says:

    Loving the look of the New Kindle Fire :-)
    Fingers crossed x

  329. Joanne Davis says:

    Good Luck everyone.xxx

  330. Stephanie Whitehouse says:

    what a great prize!

  331. Sarah R says:

    Great prize, fingers crossed! :)

  332. Debs Jeav says:

    liked & followed & keeping my fingers x’d :)

  333. Charley Foulds says:

    looks FAB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  334. Rob Griffiths says:

    A Kindle would be skill! As I used to say, when I was 8.

  335. Tina Lawton says:

    even in the womb,I dreamed of owning a Kindle

  336. lorna garratt says:

    great prize liked and fb as well x

  337. Natalie Henderson says:

    What a great competition! I would love to win!! :)

  338. Faye Lester says:


  339. Aimee R says:

    Would LOVE this!

  340. Ann Mckenna says:

    I reeeaaallly want to win this! I love to read and surf the web. This is my ideal prize.
    Here’s hoping, but good luck to everyone. Whoever wins this is sooo lucky.

  341. Kirsty Norton says:

    Wow! This is amazing!

  342. Maria Jane Knight says:

    Fingers & Toes firmly crossed :)

  343. Lorraine Anderson says:

    Santa forget to leave mine !

  344. Rhiannon Anderson says:

    Lovely Prize :)

  345. Godfrey Callus says:

    Thanks CMP for the excellent Kindle fire HD giveaway :-) Just hope im the lucky recipient

  346. Heather Jenkinson says:

    This would be so cool to win! Let it be me! Please!!! :)

  347. Chris B says:

    Wow, fantastic competition, good luck all!

  348. Jason Penny says:

    Great prize! Would love this!

  349. clare davies says:

    ooh what a fab prize! x

  350. Kim Howard says:

    Thank you very much for running this competition ^_^
    I am following you on Facebook.

  351. Rebecca Vaughan says:

    Winning this prize would make me one happy lady!

  352. mandy waller says:

    This is fantastic thankyou for the chance :)

  353. SARA says:

    Fantastic prize, would love to win

  354. Emma Hawkins says:

    Great prize :)

  355. josh says:

    Gimme, gimme, gimme!

  356. CLAIR says:

    This is amazing!

  357. Deborah says:

    I was really hoping that Santa would be kind to me, and send me a Kindle for christmas….but he didn’t, so maybe I will be lucky enough to win this……!

  358. Cassie Bedford says:

    Would love to win one of these. I must have been naughty this year as didnt get a pressie from santa

  359. Angela Glynn says:

    would love to win this so that I have something interesting to do when I’m in a meeting!

  360. Sarah Ballantyne says:

    Wow, what a great prize! Fingers crossed

  361. sue Norminton says:

    great prize, I would love to win

  362. donna baxter says:

    I wanted one of these for Christmas, but I must have been too naughty!!!!

  363. Toni Arnott says:

    I would love a Kindle

  364. Helen Stott says:

    fingers crossed

  365. Sammie says:

    Fab Prize :)

  366. Annemieke Troost says:

    Great prize , i would love to win a kindle :-)

  367. Natasha Corder says:

    Fab giveaway, would love to win this! Liked on facebook and tweeted :)

  368. Kirsty Caffrey says:

    Would love to win this – I have around 50 kindle books on my Amazon Kindle account and a broken kindle so I cannot read them :-( Can’t justify the expense to replace it at the moment…..

  369. Gary Martindale says:

    What a great prize. I would love to win this.

  370. Justin says:

    please enter me

  371. Sarah Parker says:

    would love to win :)

  372. Mark Thomas says:

    Would love the kindle,Santa did nt bring me one.

  373. Annamarie Riddiford says:

    What a great prize. I would love to win this.

  374. denise s says:

    A kindle Fire would be amazing . to watch films and fab apps on the move would make me happy!

  375. hayley williams says:

    great prize x

  376. Hannah Smith says:


    It would be a great birthday present and a great way to start 2013.

  377. Joanne Blunt says:

    The Kindle Fire looks amazing and to have it in HD would be a dream.

  378. Deborah Bird says:

    Brilliant prize, would love to enter please :) x

  379. nicola barter says:

    really want one of these :)

  380. Jo James says:

    Fantastic prize, thank you – and good luck everyone x

  381. Mark Fridlington says:

    A great prize for someone lucky.

  382. yvonne clark says:

    fab giveaway would love to win, good luck to all entrants

  383. Wendy Tolhurst says:

    Great prize here – would go some way to making up for the tablet we bought our daughter for Christmas and which now has a cracked screen :(

  384. Inga says:

    Would love a kindle. Woop!

  385. DAVID OCONNOR says:

    Few of my wifes friends got one of these for Christmas and she was well jealous

  386. kerry says:

    Thanks CMP! Fingers crossed x

  387. Alisa says:

    Would love one!

  388. Helen Smith says:

    Santa didn’t bring me one (boo hoo) so maybe I’ll win this !

  389. sram says:

    Love the kindle, especially because I love reading

  390. Nicola Howson says:

    I adore reading but my bookshelf is overflowing with books! I need to embrace the kindle world!!

  391. Dorothy McDowell says:

    yes please………I’d love a kindle

  392. Rory Campion says:

    Would love to get my hands on one of these!

  393. MJ Cullinane says:

    New year!

  394. Claire Tromans says:

    Really nice prize, everything crossed!

  395. Laura-Lee says:

    Santa forgot my kindle this year… oh wait.. here it is! 😀 😛

  396. Caroline James says:

    I would LOVE to win a Kindle Fire. I love to read, and this would be perfect for me as I read lots of books at the same time, so this way I could have all my books with me at all times!

  397. Samuel F says:

    I never thought I would like a Kindle but I have tried one and have really wanted a Kindle Fire since.

  398. Natalie Boitz says:

    It will be mine…

  399. Dawn Walsh says:

    I got crap presents for christmas, maybe this will make up for it.

  400. Emi S says:

    What an amazing prize, good luck to all!

  401. DAWN TOTTON says:

    Fab prize. Good luck everyone x

  402. Andrea Kamran says:

    nice, love to win

  403. Nicola M says:

    Yes please!

  404. Christine Bray says:

    Wooooo lovely fingers crossed (would love to win this for my husband who was disappointed with his Xmas sock (pressie) LOL!!!!

  405. Kimmie Alex says:

    OMG! I’d love to have this awesome gadget! 😀 I love the sleek design and the reviews are ace, wanna try it myself!!

  406. Alison Bruce says:

    Would love to win a Kindle as Father Christmas didn’t bring me one!

  407. Rebecca John says:

    Such a fantastic prize!

  408. Mat C. says:

    *everything crossed*

  409. Chris says:

    I would like to win the Kindle Fire — oooh pretty colours

  410. Ian Campbell says:

    The Kindle Fire HD would set my world alight and ‘fire’ my desire up to the maximum to read e-books :)

  411. Laura Cundill says:

    eee I would love to win this so much! :)

  412. Lindsey philpot says:

    Would love this. Thanks for the comp xx

  413. jen english says:

    Can I enter please? Thank you.

  414. John Steele says:

    Great giveaway!

  415. santa never brought me 1 of these for xmas i was really hoping for 1 aswell naughty santa winner will be very lucky looks a great bit of kit and suitable to take anywhere gl evry1 and have a great new year

  416. Louise M says:

    No joy for one of these at Christmas, so here’s hoping 😀

  417. Lee Price says:

    I wouldn’t mind one!

  418. Roger Edwards says:

    This competition is now closed, in accordance to the above rules.
    A winner will be announced shortly.
    Thanks to all who entered.

  419. dawn walsh says:

    who won this

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