Competition — November 6, 2012 at 10:50

(CLOSED) CMP Giveaway – Win a Copy of The Dark Knight Trilogy Blu-ray Box Set


For Novembers Contains Moderate Peril giveaway, we are offering a chance to win a copy of The Dark Knight Trilogy on Blu-ray. All three of the critically acclaimed Batman movies directed by Christopher Nolan and present in stunning high definition. Here are the products details from the Amazon website:

Including all three films from Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy, along with two additional discs packed with extras and a special book, The Art and Making of The Dark Knight Trilogy.

Designed by world-renowned graphic designer Chip Kidd, The Art and Making of The Dark Knight Trilogy tells the complete behind-the-scenes story of these influential films. Based on in-depth interviews with Nolan and all of the films’ key cast and crewincluding co-writers David S. Goyer and Jonathan Nolan, cinematographer Wally Pfister, and more–this slimmed down version of the original reveals the creative process behind the epic Dark Knight Trilogy, accented by beautiful artwork and never-before-seen set photography.

Important note regarding regional compatibility: To guarantee regional compatibly with all Blu-ray players, the box set will be supplied via the Amazon store from the winners home country . However, please ensure that the firmware of your player is fully updated. Check with your player vendor for details.

To enter follow the instructions below:

There are three ways to enter the draw. You may use anyone of them or all three  for additional chances to win!

Method 1: Simply leave a comment on this post using a legitimate email address that you can be reached on.

Method 2: Like CMP on Facebook, then leave a post on our wall telling us how much you want to win. (You must both Like CMP and leave a comment to be eligible)

Method 3: Follow @ModeratePeril on Twitter, then use your Twitter account to tweet this exact phrase:

Win a copy of The Dark Knight Trilogy on Blu-ray @ModeratePeril. Details: #TheDarkKnightCMP #Giveaway #Competition

On Friday 3oth November at 18:00 GMT, the competition will close. Each accepted entry will be assigned a number. A winner will then be randomly picked using the facilities at True Random Numbers.

Terms & Conditions:

  1. One entry per person, per method (comment, Facebook and Twitter) please. Total of 3 possible entries per person.
  2. Any entry using an IP that’s already logged will be deleted.
  3. The actual text of your comment has no bearing on the competition, although it is sensible to be polite.
  4. It is irrelevant whether you post a unique comment or a reply to another person.
  5. CMP’s decision is final. There will not be a debate, stewards enquiry or inquest into who won.
  6. The winner will be contacted by email, Facebook Message or Twitter Direct Message. If they do not reply within 2 days, the prize will be re-allocated.
  7. The prize will be sent by courier direct to the winner from Amazon.
  8. CMP contributors cannot enter.
  9. The prize is a Blu-ray boxset, so it helps if you have a Blu-ray player. By entering you accept responsibility that the prize is compatible with your hardware. If you win and it’s not, that is your problem and you have no recourse to CMP.
  10. The winner may not request that the prize be transferred to any other person.
  11. No cash alternative or alternative prize is available on entrant’s request, but in the event of the advertised competition prize being unavailable we reserve the right to offer an alternative prize of equal or greater value.
  12. Entry in the competition implies acceptance of these rules

Good luck.

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  1. Actually useful and interesting reviews and now you’re giving away free stuff regularly too? Me likey. <3

  2. Bale as Batman was brilliant.

  3. Great trilogy!

  4. I do have a weakness for boxsets. Never did get round to seeing Rises.

  5. Loved this triligy. Really would like it in my collection!

  6. Great films, and stunning design.

  7. Hope I win

  8. I Was Born In It…………

  9. Blu-ray player for a good two years and not one of the trilogy on blu-ray, here’s hoping!

  10. Mmmm…..tasty! Would love this set…

  11. I like batman plz

  12. I’m completely broke and probably won’t be able afford The Dark Knight Rises on blu ray. my friends just got me my first blu ray player for my birthday but i don’t have any movies for it. this would be amazing.

  13. Fantastic I love this film!

  14. I’d love to win this.

  15. I’d love to win this! The Dark Knight trilogy is one of the finest set of films ever created.

  16. Still hoping for a Roger imitation of Bane-Luc Picard

  17. Sweet prize :-)

  18. Thanks for having this awesome giveaway! The Dark Knight Trilogy is a great prize! :-D

  19. :O LOVE this films!

  20. Cool stuff here! fingers crossed…

  21. only got ‘begins’ on dvd would love to seem them on blu-ray!!

  22. Yes please!

  23. would love this prize

  24. I would love to see batman earth one as a movie… am i alone?

  25. Loved this movie!

  26. I think Batman is the coolest and most interesting of the superhero’s.He doesn’t have superpowers,which in this genre is unusual,so he gets by with his mind,his wits,his physical abilities and self designed gadgets.He uses these attributes to fight the most frightening and freakish collection of villains ever assembled.His background and struggles are easy for the everyday man to identify with.A true super hero,Nolan’s reboot is the best yet and I would love to win the Trilogy on bluray.

  27. This is so awesome! Christopher Nolan has taken my beloved childhood hero, incorporated things Tim Burton nailed (like a black outfit) and made the ultimate Batman series in these films! I would love to win!!!Please!!!!1

  28. I follow on Twitter @JCHARRIES and tweeted at

  29. would love to add this to my collection…

    I follow you on FB and twitter.

  30. Would love to win this!!

  31. Such an amazing giveaway! I love the Dark Knight! Thanks you so much for the chance!

    Facebook: Austin Baroudi

    Twitter: @Austieb7


  32. Wow I would absolutely love to win this Holy Batman prize!!

  33. “I AM the Night!” Great site, cool giveaways! Here’s hoping..

  34. This is an awesome prize for an awesome film. Thanks for this opportunity! Fingers crossed!

  35. That looks fab! :)

  36. Lovely prize, just right for Christmas

  37. fantastic prize , liked on facebook iain maciver

    folled on twitter and tweeted @maci234

  38. As a kid bought Batman comics (and Batman bubblegum cards) as well as watching KERPOWWW!!! Adam West. Then watched the Keaton/Kilmer/Clooney versions but as yet have never seen any of the Dark Knight so it would be great to win this.

  39. Wow, I know someone in my family who would love this for Christmas would be wonderful to win it for him.



  41. Yes Please!

  42. A great film trilogy – what a great prize!

  43. Wheres the Trigger?!!!

  44. fantastic prize, would love to be the lucky winner

  45. Would love this :)

  46. Christian Bale as Batman is quite stunning and throughout the tilogy shows a man in transformation, who questions his being and questions his own morals.
    A trilogy to treasure and a masterpiece to savour.

  47. What an amazing prize thank you. I would absolutely love to win a copy of The Dark Knight Trilogy on Blu-ray. I would be a hero.

  48. This would be a great xmas present for my Hubby – would keep him quiet while I buy pretty sparkley things online :D

  49. I’ve just said to my mate, “do you think I look like Christian Bale?”
    He said, “yes, but then again, anyone would wearing a batsuit.”

    I Would love to win this prize.

    Just one more thing……How do they signal for Batman during the day?

  50. Love anything Batman.

  51. The Dark Knight will rise on Dec 4

  52. Na, Na, Na, Na, Na, Na, Na, Na…Batman!

    Good luck to everyone :)

  53. Would really love to win this! Fingers crossed :)

  54. Fantastic films!!

  55. Would love to win this as I haven’t seen any of the Dark Knight trilogy.

  56. This is an awesome giveaway! Pick me, pick me!!

  57. A great addition to any film collection :-)

  58. Fingers crossed!

  59. Let’s hope I get it :)

  60. I am a huge fan of Batman and DC Comics, it would really mean a lot to me if I win The Epic Dark Knight Trilogy without a doubt it would be my one and only greatest Christmas gift this year!

  61. Great prize, would love to win!

  62. Great films!

  63. Fingers crossed…

  64. Brilliant prize, would love this!!!

  65. Luv batman films they are great :)
    Tweeted about this giveaway

  66. Sweet. Thank you.

  67. Christopher Nolan did a great job with these. I would love the box set.

  68. Batman films rule

  69. Would love to win this, thanks

  70. Great box set

  71. Looks good :)

  72. That picture with Batman and all the villains is wicked!

  73. dark knight is cool

  74. This is a great trilogy. Would love to win!

  75. Would love to win -great giveaway thanks!

  76. I haven’t seen them- great giveaways!!

  77. I have yet to see them so would love to win this x

  78. great collection for anyone to have, a MUST have on blu-ray!! good comp chaps! :-)

  79. Fantastic trilogy, although I think it’s a shame that these have overshadowed Tim Burton’s first two films. Batman and Batman Returns are equally good if somewhat different in tone.

  80. I would love to win this for my boyfriend!

  81. fab giveaway!!!!!

  82. The Dark Knight Rises was definitely film of the year for me. Great prize!

  83. Great prize. I’d love to win.

  84. I’m getting a bluray player for Christmas, so I’d love to win this! Thanks for the chance to win xx

  85. Brilliant Film xx

  86. Yeah I love these films

  87. Great films!

  88. Great film, great prize!

  89. What a great trilogy, awesome comp.

  90. Ive entered!!

  91. Brilliant prize – perfect way to spend a miserable weekend!!

  92. Great comp, great films.

  93. Great prize great films

  94. Fab films!

  95. I’ve entered

  96. Great prize – love these films!

  97. Great films!

  98. Fab comp

  99. Excellent :)

  100. awesome films

  101. i havent seen the most recent 2, need to see them, lol

  102. tweeted too :)

  103. Count me in :)

  104. Yes please! Amazing trilogy, Christopher Nolan did an incredible job of reinventing Batman. Heath Ledger and Tom Hardy were both awesome. <3

  105. Christian Bale did a great job as Batman in the trilogy, great action films and it stays true to the comics too so I would love to win this!

  106. this would make a great prezzie, lovely collectors item.

  107. Great prize good luck all

  108. Without a doubt the best trilogy this century.

  109. Great films

  110. Awesome prize

  111. Would love this for Xmas!

  112. Would love this :D

  113. Great Comp :)

  114. liked and commented on facebook and tweeted as @xsweetcheeksx :) i love batman <3

  115. Yes please!

  116. Great Trilogy and a great prize, CMP, look forward to your next great competition

  117. One of the top 5 trilogies of all time

  118. Brill, non stop would love for my son, he would be thrilled

  119. Would love this.Really enjoyed the last one especially Tom Hardy

  120. Great prize…Thanks for the givaway

  121. Best trilogy Ever!

  122. Riddle me this riddle me that, who’s afraid of the Big Black Bat ….

  123. One of the best films i have seen this year, literally the best intro i have seen and i cant think of many trilogy’s that live up to this one. amazing prize fingers crossed!

  124. great giveaway

  125. I’m Batman!

  126. Batman Rules!!!

  127. Brilliant prize and who doesnt like Batman? Really attractively presented too.

  128. Best superhero trilogy – thanks for the competition guys

  129. Amazing popcorn fest – bring it on!

  130. Fabulous prize.

  131. Great boxset – perfect for a winter evening in front of the TV

  132. great prize. x

  133. Love The Dark Knight. So excited!

  134. Thanks for this, my husband would love it

  135. Great Trilogy

  136. Would love to see this film!

  137. Great series of movies

  138. Just watched the Dark Night Rises again last night… but only in DVD quality. BLURAY PLEASE!

  139. Really want to see the new film

  140. Fantastic comp

  141. nice prize

  142. My 13 yr old son would lve this ! hes a massive superhero fan! i have tweeted and left a message via facebook too ~ thanks so much for the amazing giveaway

  143. Love to win this for my hubby

  144. Oh how we’d love this boxset for some exciting viewing over the Christmas hols! Thanks for the competition!

  145. RISE!

  146. Christian Bale….. Best. Batman. Ever!!!

  147. Love batman and Christian Bale playing him

  148. Great Giveaway

  149. Just love Batman!

  150. yes please

  151. Would love to win this to play on my new TV :)

  152. Would love this!

  153. amazing prize!!

  154. Would love to win these, love the Batman films

  155. Great prize

  156. Enter me please :)

  157. Please enter me, would love to win

  158. Best series of Superhero films ever!

    I would love to win this box set please!

  159. have still not seen this!! would love to win or my husbands xmas!

  160. Great giveaway…fab films x

  161. Would love to win – have also tweeted (@pepicola3)

  162. great comp

  163. Great Prize.. I love Batman!

  164. I bloomin’ love Batman!

  165. Wow!!! Fantastic giveaway. Thankyou x

  166. Fab Films :)

  167. I’d love to comment but I’ve got to go eat my dinner-dinner-dinner-dinner…

  168. Not seen them yet, so fingers crossed

  169. have not watched this so would love to see it and see what all the fuss is about

  170. love to win this so i can watch all the movies again

  171. Great Collection to own

  172. I’d love to win this holmes

  173. Who needs christmas films when you’ve got the dark knight trilogy? would love this xxx

  174. These films are truly brilliant.

  175. Love batman!

  176. Would love to win this prize. I love the batman films

  177. A must-have boxset!

  178. Nice!

  179. wow, what a prize

  180. Great prize – would love to win

  181. Be super-lucky folks.

  182. Ive had a blu ray player for about 4 years (in my ps3) still dont own any blu rays for some reason

  183. I’d love to win this. The final instalment sent a (good) chill down my spine at the end.

  184. I need this!

  185. Would love to win!

  186. This is a brilliant prize!!

  187. Great prize – missed No 2, so can’t wait to see it.

  188. Great prize- I’d love to win!

  189. Would love to win this great prize

  190. great prize!

  191. Great film and great comp thanks

  192. Great collectors item :)

  193. My fiancé would love this!

  194. Would love to win this!

  195. Great prize, my son would LOVE this.
    Tweeted phrase and following @moderateperil under twitter id @smorris_cm

  196. Would love this

  197. Great prize

  198. Dark Knight? Bright outlook if I won…

  199. Woah batmantastic :)

  200. It will make my year if i’m lucky enough to win this fantastic prize.

  201. One of the film series i could watch again and again!

  202. Would love to win

  203. Love to win this prize x

  204. three crackinbg films

  205. Ideal film night material – chocolate bar, open fire and films…

  206. It would be great to see all three one after the other!

  207. Love Batman

  208. WOW! great prize

  209. This looks great

  210. Cool prize- all the men in my family would be so glad if I won this.

  211. Totally awesome prize; as ever!! x

  212. Fabulous Giveaway!

  213. Great prize

  214. Would love to win this, great trilogy

  215. I would love to win thank you

  216. Would love to win this trilogy as I never got to see the third film due to my son being born (though not complaining :P)

  217. Lve tis to the core

  218. I would love to win because The Dark Knight is my favorite film ever! :]

  219. Na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na… BATMAN!

  220. What a great prize

  221. Excellent prize, fingers crossed

  222. “Holy heart failure, Batman!”

  223. fantastic prize

  224. This looks fab

  225. Great prize.

  226. thanks for the opp and fb name is Ann Hbez and twitter name is @wannastayme:)

  227. great prize, i love the new batman film series.

  228. Love batman! Fantastic prize thanks :)

  229. Great prize, Brilliant Films

  230. I’d love to win this. Just bought a blu ray player in preperation for this movie.

  231. So awesome! Possibly the best movie series EVER!

  232. My hubby is in love with these films. Watch them every week if he could!

  233. I follow on Twitter @GMERRELL and tweeted at

  234. fab film and brill comp

  235. would love this!

  236. Would looooove to win this for my bf!! xx

  237. Great prize!

  238. Nice prize

  239. super prize!

  240. I wish Jack would make a return

  241. Good Luck All.

  242. My son would love this … thanks for a great comp x

  243. Would love to win this. Great giveaway

  244. would love this

  245. fanatastic love to win

  246. great films

  247. Fab prize! Have entered via twitter too.

  248. Brill prize – just got a bluray player!! :o)

  249. Great prize!

  250. Saw the latest one at the cinema and even an unborn cub liked it with all the kicking.

  251. I adore these films, best trilogy every put together!

  252. Got to Be one of the best Film Triogies Out There. Brilliant

  253. Would love to win this

  254. Fantastic prize!

  255. Would love to have these…

  256. Great end to an epic trilogy. The Dark Knight is my favorite superhero!!!

  257. Great prize would love to win!

  258. I’d love to win!

  259. Wow, what a fantastic prize x Please include me x x x

  260. nananananananana!! CHRISTMAS!!

  261. ◥▅◤ Fab Giveaway!

  262. Batastic Prize!! :)

  263. Amazing prize! One of my favourite trilogy’s ever!

  264. Thanks very much indeed.

  265. Great competition x

  266. These are amazing films. Hope I win!

  267. Great comp, everything is crossed!!

  268. I’d loveeeeeeeeee to win this :D <3

  269. Would watch all three of these back to back in one sitting :)

  270. great prize

  271. Fantastic Prize, Would love to win this!!!!!!

  272. Please please count me in – thank-you

  273. The perfect thing about this prize is I could give it as an amazing christmas present to my Dad… and then suggest we watch it together :D Brilliant giveaway!

  274. Followed on FB and Twitter @cazzzie987

    Fab prize!!

  275. Love a bit of the caped crusader

  276. Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee beeeeeeeeeeeeee meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  277. Please pick me. love batman

  278. Im a bit of a JOKER so this would be great for me.


  280. Love the Batman films

  281. 1 of hubbies favourites! Would make a fab Christmas pressie!

  282. bat-tastic

  283. This competition is now closed in accordance with the rules. A winner will be announced shortly.

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