Classic Movie Themes: Theatre of Blood


Theatre of Blood is a rather unique revenge/horror movie about crazed egotistical thespian Edward Lionheart. Played by the great Vincent Price, this Shakespeare-obsessed actor who, having been snubbed by critics, commits suicide rather publicly. However when a spate of murders targeting the very same theatre critics starts to occur throughout London, each dispatched in an homage to the Bard, Scotland Yard begins to suspect the actor may have faked his death.

This hilariously baroque revenge picture directed by Douglas Hickox, benefits from a great cast of  some of Britain’s finest character actors. The film also serves as a wonderful window in to the mid seventies. The proceeding are greatly enhanced by a  fantastic score by Welsh composer Michael J. Lewis.


For the Theatre of Blood soundtrack, composer Lewis crafts a sumptuous orchestral score, the main title theme being the most succinct example. From its gentle beginnings it grows in power reflecting the tumultuous disposition of the actor Edward Lionheart. Yet it maintains a melancholic quality that is very apt to the movie. Overall it’s a fine example of the composers craft. It is also one of Vincent price’s better movie from this era.

Theatre of Blood Main Theme

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