007 Legends

It’s a curious thing that some of the most popular movie, TV and book franchises end up being made into the most appalling games. 007 Legends falls squarely into this category. It is abysmal. I must admit that I didn’t have particularly high hopes to begin with after buying James Bond 007: Blood Stone last year. However that game is a veritable masterpiece compared to 007 Legends. Developers Eurocom seemed to have completely misjudged what it is about the IP that the public enjoy. The results are a bastard hybrid FPS with a thin veneer of 007 added. Furthermore, not only is the game a thematic misfire but the fundamental gaming mechanics are utterly broken.

The game tries to take classic storylines from past movies and re-imagine them as previous missions undertaken by the Daniel Craig’s incarnation of Bond. Unfortunately taking such iconic enemies such as Goldfinger, Odd Job and Jaws out of their respective context doesn’t really work. The banter and interaction is not their. Modernising these stories also robs them of a lot of their period charm. We are presented with a who’s who from the last fifty years of the film franchise but it has utterly no emotional impact. Rather than capturing the spirit of Bond it simply feels like a 007 themed mod for another game.

Uninspired character animation, repetitive use of similarly designed locations and appalling AI culminate in a very dull gaming experience. I cannot remember the last time I was confronted with a game that I wanted to end as quickly as possible. I found myself frequently trying to by pass or skip content by simply running to the next checkpoint. Do not spend your hard earned money purchasing this lacklustre and dismal game on any platforms. It is a text book example or a product born of think  tanks, focus groups and bean counters trying to “add value”. 007 Legends is not Bond. It is completely the opposite and yet those who made it seem to be totally blind to that fact.

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